Fellowship Content

Competency model

The program is self-directed with no time-based formal rotations. It’s competency development model is grounded in the Henry Ford Health System Leadership Competency Model which is used to create the framework for the Outcomes, Goals, and Objectives that the fellows’ Learning Experiences and Learning Activities are centered around. The program emphasizes competency development in the domains of customer-centricity, commitment to high reliability, innovation, collaboration, data-based decision making, change management, and more.

Learning experiences

As part of the Fellowship Plan, the fellow and preceptor craft a learning experience (a collection of activities – such as a project with deliverables, committee leadership, work group, focused shadowing experience) that will provide sufficient exposure and education to various types of learning experiences (such as inpatient operations, retail operations, marketing, population health management, etc.). The preceptor and fellow also collaborate to determine which development outcomes and goals in the leadership competency model they anticipate will be targeted in each learning experience. At the conclusion of the learning experience, the preceptor or designated mentor evaluates the fellow using the targeted outcomes and goals as the evaluation criteria.

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Structured feedback

The program’s assessment strategy ensures that fellows, preceptors, and program leaders receive and give constructive, structured feedback at key points throughout the year to continuously improve performance.

Leadership exposure

  • Monthly meetings with Wright Lassiter III, HFHS CEO
  • Quarterly meetings with Bob Riney, HFHS COO
  • Monthly meetings with Nina Ramsey, HFHS Sr. VP and CHRO
  • Frequent one-on-one meetings with preceptors and designated mentors
  • Business unit-specific leadership meetings
  • HFHS Board of Trustees rotation

Professional development opportunities

  • content 4Henry Ford Leadership Academy
  • Henry Ford University courses
  • StrengthFinders Assessment
  • Stipend for continued professional education, such as:
    • LEAN/Six-Sigma Green Belt Certification
    • Professional Conferences
    • Professional Workshops
    • Subscriptions