Frequently Asked Questions

Do I apply for each fellowship separately?

No. The Henry Ford Health System Fellowship program is structured so that each administrative fellow has the opportunity to participate in projects throughout the system. However, each fellow has a preceptor in a specific business unit and will have responsibilities associated with that area. Once the interviewing process is complete, preceptors will decide on an appropriate match of candidate, preceptor and business unit.

What kind of interaction will I have with my preceptor?

Henry Ford Health System is committed to the Administrative Fellowship Program. Accordingly, preceptors are chosen not only on the basis of achievement in their respective fields, but also on their ability to mentor new fellows. The one-on-one interaction between fellows and preceptors is dependent upon personalities and needs but is a consistent, strong relationship throughout the fellowship year and beyond.

Will I have access to all levels of the organization?

Henry Ford Health System is dedicated to providing its fellows with a breadth and depth of exposure to all facets of the organization. Therefore, fellows have the opportunity to attend and contribute to senior staff meetings, strategic planning retreats, meetings with members of the Office of the President, meetings of the Medical Group Board of Governors, and meetings of the System Board of Trustees. Additionally, as part of a team-oriented 30,000-employee organization, there are plenty of opportunities to build professional relationships and friendships with colleagues. The fellowship allows for ample opportunities to interact with individuals from all levels of the organization.

What are the salary and benefits?

Fellows receive a competitive salary and a full benefits package including medical, dental, and vision benefits. Relocation expenses are also included for out-of-state moves. Additionally, fellows receive a stipend to be applied toward educational activities including skills training, conferences, subscriptions, etc.

How do I obtain project work?

Initially, fellows work closely with preceptors to obtain project work. As fellows meet more individuals and leaders in the organization, opportunities are available for a significant amount of project work. Each individual fellowship has ongoing projects for the incumbent fellow to complete as part of his/her responsibilities. As the fellowship year progresses, the workload increases as the fellow integrates into the System and takes on additional responsibilities. Fellows are encouraged to accept learning opportunities throughout the System.

What can I expect from the interviewing process?

The interviewing process is exciting and highly competitive. Completed applications are reviewed by a selection committee, which evaluates applicants based on a pre-selected set of criteria. After an initial review, approximately 25-30 candidates are selected for a telephone interview. A final group of 6-10 individuals are invited to Detroit for on-site interviews. Prior to the on-site interviews, candidates will be asked to complete an electronic strengths and competencies assessment. At the on-site interviews, candidates learn more about the Henry Ford Health System while having the opportunity to speak with the current fellows, the preceptors, and several other members of the senior leadership team. Offers are made to selected candidates within the time frame specified by the NCAF Fellowship Code of Good Practice.

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Henry Ford Health System’s Administrative Fellowship is a member of the National Center for Healthcare Leadership’s (NCHL) National Council on Administrative Fellowships (NCAF) and supports the Fellowship Code of Good Practice.

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