Gastroenterology Fellowship FAQs

  1. How many fellows start every year?
    • We have five fellowship positions per year.
  2. How can I apply and when is your application deadline?
    • Applications can be submitted through ERAS. Deadline will be end of August every year.
  3. Do you accept applicants with visas?
    • We review all applications sent to us, and select a small group of the top applicants to interview with our program.
  4. When are interviews held?
    • Interviews will begin in September for the Gastroenterology Fellowship Program.
  5. Do you accept applicants outside of the match?
    • No.
  6. Will you interview candidates who graduate from osteopathic programs?
    • Only if they have taken the USMLE boards as well as COMLEX.
Information for Applicants
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