Life After Fellowship

Singla Sumit webSumit Singla, MD (2014) Interventional

I graduated from the GI fellowship program at Henry Ford in 2014, and served as chief GI fellow in my third year. I was new to Henry Ford when I started my fellowship, but quickly fell in love with the hospital and (particularly) our division. I decided to stay on for an advanced endoscopy fellowship year and was lucky enough to be hired as an interventionalist thereafter. I greatly enjoy my current practice. I spend approximately 40% of my time performing cutting edge advanced therapeutic procedures in our newly renovated interventional suite. I am the medical director of our open access colonoscopy program, which allows to me interact closely with primary care providers and learn more about the business side of medicine. I also perform conscious sedation and anesthesia based general endoscopic procedures, often with our fellows, with whom I genuinely enjoy working. I conduct clinical research with our fellows and with other departments. I was fortunate enough to be named an Hour magazine top doc in my first year, which I attribute in large part to the robust and collegial physician environment fostered within our division and hospital. I owe a great deal of my success and career satisfaction to my training at Ford, and hope you will consider joining our growing and dynamic team!

Tosch Kim webKim Tosch, MD (2012) Gastroenterologist

After completing fellowship at Providence Hospital, I started working as full time staff at Henry Ford Hospital in general Gastroenterology. I am mainly located at the Lakeside satellite but also round downtown on the inpatient service with fellows. I am married with two young boys who keep me very busy!


Salami Augustine webAugustine Salami, MD (2016) Gastroenterologist

Life after fellowship is a continued learning process but the training at Ford prepared me superbly to meet the challenges both technically and in dealing with people in everyday life. I am done with my advanced fellowship and looking forward to the next phase.



Sharif Omar webOmar Sharif, MD (2012) Gastroenterologist

Currently practicing in the Kingdom of Bahrain Position: Consultant Gastroenterologist, Deputy Chief of Medical Staff King Hamad University Hospital Senior Clinical lecturer Royal College of Surgeons-Ireland Medical University of Bahrain

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