OB-GYN Residency FAQs

What type of USMLE scores are you looking for?

USMLE scores higher than 215 are highly desirable.

Should I apply if my credentials do not exactly meet all the criteria outlined?

Yes. All applications are evaluated on their individual merit.

Do you require passage of USMLE Step 3?

The Institution requires that all PGY-1s successfully pass Step 3 of the USMLE exam by the end of their second year of training.

What is the salary?

The resident salary is competitive with other hospitals in southeastern Michigan.

How much vacation time do resident receive?

All PGY-1s and 2s receive four weeks of vacation. All residents PGY-3s and above receive four weeks of vacation.

Do you have a Simulation Center?

The Henry Ford Health System Center for Simulation, Education and Research is a 12,500 square foot multidisciplinary environment for the development of clinical skills and safety training for our students, employees and faculty. It opened in June of 2007.

What type of visas do you accept?

We support J1 visas only.

Do you offer observerships?


Are Fellowship opportunities available?

Yes, in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery and Urogynecology.

Information for Applicants
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