Henry Ford Jackson Cardiology & Michigan Heart Frequently Asked Questions

Michigan Heart’s contract with Henry Ford Jackson Hospital expired in September 2019, and Michigan Heart is no longer associated with Henry Ford Jackson Cardiology. Most of the cardiologists with Michigan Heart in Jackson have joined Henry Ford Jackson Hospital’s medical staff and continue to provide the highest quality care for our patients.
  • How have Henry Ford Cardiology - Jackson patients been affected by Michigan Heart leaving Jackson?

    Service to Henry Ford Jackson cardiology patients has not been interrupted. When Michigan Heart’s contract with Henry Ford Jackson Hospital expired in September 2019, the transition was made as seamless as possible. Since the majority of the cardiologists from Michigan Heart joined Henry Ford Jackson Hospital’s medical staff, most of our patients continue to see the same providers as before.

  • Has the location changed?

    No. Henry Ford Jackson Cardiology is in the same building where Michigan Heart was located. Only the signs have changed.

  • Will I still have my same Michigan Heart cardiologist?

    Most likely. Nearly all of the former Michigan Heart cardiologists have joined Henry Ford Jackson Cardiology. The few exceptions are doctors who mainly saw patients in Ann Arbor and Chelsea. Patients whose cardiologists have not transferred over have already been notified and reassigned to a new cardiologist.

  • Will my Michigan Heart records be transferred to Henry Ford Cardiology - Jackson?

    Yes. All Michigan Heart records have been transferred over to Henry Ford Jackson Cardiology and the Epic electronic health record system. Epic provides patients with 24-hour/7-day access to their health information, including test results, office appointments and prescription medication information—all through an easy-to-use online tool called MyChart. If you are not already on MyChart, ask any Henry Ford Jackson Hospital provider or office staff member to help you get started.

  • Is the office staff changing?

    No. The Michigan Heart office staff members have moved over to Henry Ford Jackson Cardiology. So, you will see the same friendly faces you have come to know.

  • Will I notice any other changes with this transition?

    We will make the transition smooth and seamless, without interruption to service. We look forward to seeing you!


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