Birthing Center Tour

Enjoy a walk-through tour of the Birthing Center at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital. You will see a labor, delivery, postpartum room and Special Care Nursery if available. All tours are free of charge. Request more information or schedule a tour.

Watch a short video to see more features and amenities in our Birthing Center.

birthing center tour1Our 15 private LDRP rooms lend to one-of-a-kind clinical care combined with all the comforts of home.
Flat-screen TV with bedside remote. Watch your favorite show or view videos on newborn care, breastfeeding and more.
Rooms designed to make both the birthing experience and recovery process as comfortable as possible.
Enjoy precious bonding time with your baby in our beautiful Birthing Center environment.
The unit features 24/7 rooming-in with your newborn.
Specially designed sink to ease baby into their first bath.
Family accommodations include space for your spouse or partner to stay the night with unrestricted visiting hours.
Hydrotherapy tubs to ease labor.
We offer private, spacious bathrooms in each patient room.
We encourage family and friends to take advantage of our unique surroundings and amenities.
Caring staff to help new parents learn how to care for baby.
Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital Birthing Center is designed entirely around your family and your new addition.
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