HypnoBirthing® for Childbirth

hypnobirthing momHenry Ford Health System now offers classes in HypnoBirthing®, a childbirth education course that emphasizes natural childbirth and teaches self-hypnosis techniques to combat fear and pain during labor. HypnoBirthing® can be a good fit for expectant parents who are dedicated to learning ways to give birth without the use of an epidural or other pain medications.

HypnoBirthing® classes promote a gentle view of childbirth, embracing the idea that both mom and baby's bodies were made to do this, and they work together in harmony. The practice involves deep breathing, visualization, prompts from your partners and other labor comfort measures.

To learn more about HypnoBirthing®, visit hypnobirthing.com. For more information and to register, view our HypnoBirthing® classes

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