Bringing Home Baby

You have waited nine months (and in some cases longer) to bring home your new bundle. While this moment may be exciting, it may also be filled with anxiety. However, with a little bit of preparedness, your baby’s homecoming can be a time of great joy.

The first item of business before you bring your baby home is to schedule your child’s first check-up (usually a few days after the baby is home) by calling 1-800-HENRYFORD (1-800-436-7936). It is also wise to make sure you get any questions answered before coming home. From breastfeeding and bathing to diapering and swaddling, no question should go unanswered.

We realize that you may have a few more questions once you get home. For your convenience, we have included some answers to common questions from new parents, including:


At Henry Ford, our expert pediatricians know that you may need a little help with your new addition. Whether you have a question, need an appointment or just need a “partner-in-parenting," we are here for you.

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