Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment for Children and Teens

Comprehensive, compassionate care for young patients

Inpatient psychiatric care for children and teens requires compassionate providers who are experts in their fields. At Henry Ford Kingswood Hospital, we offer safe, specialized care to each patient who comes through our doors. We know that is a stressful time for your child and family and understand how difficult it is to see your child in distress. Our pediatric experts are here to support you and your child every step of the way.

Each child’s treatment starts with a thorough assessment to identify unique concerns. Then our team uses the data to create your child’s personalized treatment plan with you.

Our pediatric inpatient psychiatric team includes:

  • Activity therapy specialists
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Occupational and recreational therapists
  • Social workers

What to expect from your child’s inpatient psychiatric care

Parents and guardians play an important part of inpatient care for children and teens. Our team will communicate with you regularly about your child’s condition.

We offer many therapeutic programs for our young patients. Your child’s treatment may include some or all of the following:

Group therapy and social skills training

Group therapy sessions are led by our behavioral health team members. Patients take part in group therapy every day.

Activity Therapy

These classes, offered by our activity therapists, provide social interaction and help us assess patients’ skills and opportunities for improvement.

Educational classes

Young patients have access to health education classes that promote recovery and healing. These classes include:

  • Life skills classes: Nurses or social workers teach these classes on a daily basis. Topics range from conflict resolution and peer pressure to self-esteem and value judgments.
  • Occupational and recreational therapy: These classes, offered by our occupational and recreational therapists, provide social interaction and help us assess patients’ skills and opportunities for improvement.


If your child must be hospitalized longer than five school days, our staff will work with you to obtain school assignments for your child. While your child is hospitalized, staff members will then assist your child to complete the required work.

Your child’s stay with us

We provide inpatient psychiatric care for children and teens at Henry Ford Kingswood Hospital. Our providers assign rooms based on each patient’s:

  • Age
  • Current health status
  • Gender
  • Type of illness

The Kingswood campus includes a number of recreational amenities to support our care, including a full-sized gymnasium, playgrounds, and enclosed outdoor courtyards.

Inside Kingswood
Henry Ford Kingswood Hospital in Ferndale, Michigan, provides expert psychiatric care to patients of all ages.
Kingswood video tour

Parental and family involvement

The involvement of parents/guardians and other family members is critical for the success of children and teens in inpatient psychiatric care. Please check with our nurses or admissions staff members for an up-to-date list of visiting hours, allowed/prohibited items, etc., as we update this information regularly.

For questions about pediatric care at Henry Ford Kingswood Hospital, please call (248) 398-3200.


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