Adaptive Radiation Therapy: Combining MRI- and CT-Guided Treatment

Henry Ford Cancer Institute – Allegiance Health is advancing radiation treatment for cancer patients with the Varian Ethos™ therapy system.

Driven by artificial intelligence technology, the system provides a real-time view of a patient’s anatomy and the motion of internal organs and allows the radiation dosage to be immediately adapted to the continuous changes in the shape and positioning of the individual’s tumor and normal tissues. The personalized targeting capability of Ethos helps improve overall outcomes and reduces radiation exposure to healthy tissue.

The acquisition of this highly advanced technology makes the HFCI – Allegiance Health one of the only cancer centers in the world to perform both MRI-guided adaptive treatment and CT-guided adaptive treatment. Combining these increases the capability, flexibility and efficiency of radiation treatment. Radiation doses are delivered more quickly, with greater precision and patient safety.

The combined Halcyon and Ethos system was designed around the particular needs of patients with cancer. Shorter treatment times, combined with the equipment’s comfortable treatment bed, smooth and quiet motion, and soft lighting, contribute to a more relaxing patient experience. A radiation treatment session, including the adaptive Ethos option, typically takes just 15 minutes.

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