Colorectal Cancer Support Services

Learn about healthy recovery and treatment for colorectal cancer.

When you receive a colorectal cancer diagnosis, you may feel overwhelmed and alone. But we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Our cancer team will give you and your family the support you need to survive and thrive through cancer treatment.

Support for patients and families

Cancer diagnosis and treatment affects your daily life. We offer support services including:

  • Dedicated nurse navigators: Nurses who help schedule appointments and answer all of your questions.
  • Emotional support: Our social workers provide counseling and information about community resources and cancer support groups. We also share patient stories to encourage and inspire you during treatment.
  • Healthy survivorship: Get healthier and build a stronger immune system through our free Survivorship Program. Our ExCITE exercise therapy program can help you stay strong throughout cancer treatment and beyond.
  • Integrative medicine: We offer massage, chiropractic care, acupuncture, nutrition guidance, and more to help you feel like yourself again.
  • Pharmacy services: We provide home delivery, often hard-to-find medications, and recommendations to manage side effects.
  • Transition from hospital to home: We help families with products and services for a smoother recovery at home.

Education about advanced research and treatment options

We offer access to new treatments through research and clinical trials.

Colorectal cancer research

We have done extensive research on colorectal cancer treatment. In fact, we helped confirm minimally invasive surgery is effective for colon cancer. This work continues with research into new treatments and approaches to cancer care, such as:

Access to clinical trials

Clinical trials help us understand more about colorectal cancer treatment. Patients who volunteer to join a trial can access therapies and medications not yet available to the general public.

We consider each patient for clinical trials during treatment evaluations. We offer available trials as they are appropriate. Dedicated nurse case managers follow patients in our trials and help schedule treatments and answer questions.

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