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Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have been living with diabetes for years, you’ll have a lot of questions. At Henry Ford, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality care for diabetes and its complications. We teach our patients to self-manage their diabetes, so you will have the tools and knowledge for your best possible health. Our team of specialists and experts give you the comprehensive care and support you need to live your life to the fullest.

Why choose Henry Ford for diabetes care?

For decades, we’ve helped thousands of patients of all ages with all types of diabetes. We’ve worked with patients newly diagnosed with diabetes and those who have been managing it for years. We are skilled in working with patients who have diabetes-related complications.

When you choose a Henry Ford, you can expect:

  • Advanced care: Our experts aren’t just using the latest treatment techniques -- they’re researching and developing them. Our team has the most experience in Michigan in providing and teaching people to use insulin pumps. We use the newest glucose monitoring devices, which automatically measure your blood sugar levels more than 250 times per day for precise monitoring.
  • Recognized support and education: Both the state of Michigan and the American Diabetes Association have recognized our Diabetes Care Centers for outstanding self-management education programs. Our skilled Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) and registered dietitians have helped people maintain a healthy weight and improve their eating and exercise habits to manage their condition.
  • Collaborative, multidisciplinary teams: Our team features specialized physicians, CDEs, registered dietitians, registered nurses and nurse practitioners. Our diabetes specialists work hand-in-hand to provide you the most thorough treatment and management options in the state. You receive personalized care tailored to your specific health needs.
  • Screening complications: Through routine exams and screenings, we work to curb the complications associated with diabetes. These complications can include conditions like diabetic macular edema and diabetic retinopathy in the eyes and nerve damage and infection in the feet. And should a complication arise, our staff is ready to provide expert treatment with advanced procedures or surgery.

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