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Whether you choose a surgical or non-surgical procedure, Dr. Jones, Dr. Deeb, and all of the expert staff at the Henry Ford Health Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery are dedicated to the highest level of quality, service and care for you. Before any procedure, patients have the opportunity to view a gallery of the work of Dr. Jones and Dr. Deeb to ensure complete satisfaction.

Read through some of our past patients’ testimonials to learn more about their experiences.

deeb rhinoplasty 6
I couldn't be happier with the level of care provided by Dr. Deeb. He took the time to listen to my concerns and answer all of my questions prior to surgery. Follow up care was also above and beyond, and I am thrilled with my results! Thanks to Dr. Deeb, I now no longer hate having my photograph taken.
jones lipenhancement 2
Lisa C. - Lip enhancement:
Back in September 2014 I underwent an upper lip implant for the lack of fullness. The process itself was overall fairly painless and the healing process was completely painless. The implant feels completely natural. I almost forget it is there. I would recommend an implant over injections. Thanks to Dr Jones and his staff. I am completely satisfied with my decision.
deeb rhinoplasty chinimplant
Wayne G. - Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant:
As a veteran, I appreciated the work that Dr. Robert Deeb did for all veterans during the time he was associated with the Veterans Hospital. Specifically though, as a patient of Dr. Robert Deeb, his professional manner, his caring and the quality of his work were outstanding.
jones rhinoplasty 2
Amanda Q. - Rhinoplasty:
I am extremely satisfied with the results of my surgery. I can breathe so much better and my side profile looks so much better too. I recommend Dr. Jones to anyone in search of a great doctor.
deeb facelift 1
Ann H. - Eye Lift and Facelift:
After meeting with Dr. Deeb and discussing the procedures I felt very comfortable and confident having him do my surgery. Dr. Deeb did a wonderful job. He called several times to see how I was doing and always called me right back if I had any concerns or questions after my surgery. My confidence is back and the best compliment came from my friends and family telling how nice it is to have me back laughing, smiling and being myself again. I highly recommend Dr. Robert Deeb for any facial procedures. I am extremely happy with my results and feel very Blessed to have found Dr. Deeb, a skilled and professional surgeon along with his caring staff.
jones rhinoplasty 4
Zainah T. - Rhinoplasty:
Thank you Dr. Jones for fixing my nose. I now can breathe much better. My nose is perfect and it looks so natural!
Lenore close up 2
Lenora G. - Facelift:
I recommend this painless procedure to everyone who wakes up feeling good, but looks tired. Now I both feel good and look good. Very worth it. Thank you, Dr. Jones. Terrific doctor.
jones rhinoplasty 6
Angie W. - Rhinoplasty:
I knew I needed a septoplasty to correct a deviated septum. I did research on local ENT doctors. I found Dr. Jones online. Read his reviews and scheduled an appointment. What better to have an ENT doctor who is also a facial plastic surgeon? I was confident in Dr. Jones. I knew based on his knowledge of the nose structure and function and his training in rhinoplasty, I was in great hands. I have referred two friends to Dr. Jones. If you are looking for a skilled surgeon with a great bedside manner, look no further!
deeb rhinoplasty 7
Dr. Deeb completely exceeded my expectations. He was so professional and always made me feel like I was the most important thing. He cares about his patients and loves his job. I broke my nose at age 11. I was insecure about it and could barely breathe through it. I dreamed for so long about this. Now, I can breathe perfectly. I have a beautiful, natural looking nose: the perfect size for my face! Thank you, Dr. Deeb, for making this dream come true. I am forever grateful!
jones rhinoplasty 1
Phillip W. - Rhinoplasty:
My nose looks amazing and I can breathe exceptionally well. No more breathing from my mouth when I sleep or smacking my lips when eatings. The procedure went great and I’m very thankful to Dr. Jones and the Henry Ford Health.
deeb rhinoplasty 5
Haley W. - Rhinoplasty:
After breaking my nose three times, and discovering I had a deviated septum, I knew I needed the problem fixed. I went to Dr. Deeb, who made my surgical experience nothing but easy. My results are perfect! I can now breathe right and don't suffer any more pain. Thanks Dr. Deeb for being so great!
jones facelift 1
Jimmie R. - Facelift:
I wanted to have a facelift but was very nervous about how the surgery would be. After making up my mind to do it, I found out it was not as bad as I thought it would be and the healing time was very fast. Also, I look great!
deeb facelift 3
I'm so happy! Dr. Deeb and all the staff at his office, as well as the O.R. team were lovely to me and made my experience so at ease! I love the way I look!
Ear Revision
We absolutely love Dr. Jones, he did a wonderful job with our daughter. He made sure she was comfortable and related very well to her at her tender age. He made this a good life experience for her instead of a traumatic procedure. We won’t take any of our 5 children to anyone else now.
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