Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing aids are designed to provide many years of dependable service. More than 7 in 10 users are satisfied with their hearing solution and would recommend hearing aids to others experiencing hearing loss.

Despite their ability to improve an individual’s quality of life, hearing aids are not immune from damage. Consider the environment to which they are exposed on a daily basis: the ear canals are prone to earwax, moisture and dirt, all of which can cause damage to the internal electronic circuitry. That much is inevitable. By regularly cleaning your hearing aids, you can help prevent a lot of potential problems from occurring. In addition, there are many things you can try at home if your hearing aids quit working properly. Refer to our tips page for advice on troubleshooting.

How much will hearing aid repairs cost?

Should the troubleshooting tips fail to resolve your problems, your hearing aids may need to be sent out for repair. How much that will cost depends on several factors: whether your hearing aids are under warranty, the extent of the damage, and the cost of any replacement parts and labor charges.

In some cases, your best bet might be investing in new hearing aids. Technology is evolving rapidly; if your current hearing aids are more than five years old they are probably nearing the end of their lifespan anyway. New features have made the latest digital hearing aids more powerful than those available just a few short years ago, and sound quality continues to improve with each new generation of devices. The bottom line is, you’ll have to consider the age of your hearing aids, the extent of damage, and whether or not they are still under warranty before deciding whether an upgrade is a better choice than having them repaired.

Hearing Aid Clinic

At our Hearing Aid Walk-In Clinics, hearing aid technicians and audiologists will assist you if your hearing aid(s) have stopped working or aren’t working correctly. Services are currently offered by appointment.

Please call:

Detroit (Henry Ford Hospital Campus): (313) 916-5701
Fairlane (Dearborn): (313) 982-8238
Sterling Heights (Lakeside): (586) 247-3965
West Bloomfield: (248) 661-7328
Pierson (Grosse Pointe): (313) 343-5915

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