With more than 20 doctoral level audiologists at multiple locations, Henry Ford Audiology is dedicated to improving your quality-of-life.

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At Henry Ford Audiology, we live by a few key beliefs that should guide your process of dealing with hearing loss. We believe:

You should insist on having the most skilled and highly trained providers.

When you see Henry Ford for hearing services, your care will be led by a doctoral-level audiologist. Our audiologists work closely with Ear, Nose and Throat Physicians to ensure that there are no underlying medical causes for your hearing loss. If hearing aids are necessary, we have options available for your specific hearing loss, and the freedom to make the most of your insurance coverage or personal budget to match you with the perfect device for your needs.

You should receive all of the care necessary to meet your needs.

There are providers, both internet-based and retail, who have decided your hearing aids are properly fitted when they say so. If not, there must be something wrong with you! At Henry Ford Audiology, we believe your hearing aids are properly fitted and adjusted when you’re comfortable wearing them all day every day. We are dedicated to working with you until that goal is achieved. Return visits are unlimited during the warranty period of your hearing aids at Henry Ford.

It takes a team of experts and you.

The impact of hearing loss on your health and lifestyle needs to be taken into account when creating a hearing health plan. Treatment involves more than just hearing aids, but don’t worry! You have a team of hearing health experts on your side.

What now?

A hearing evaluation is the first step in the process. If your hearing was tested in the last six months, your next step will be to schedule a hearing aid selection appointment. As you move through the process, your Henry Ford Audiologist will review your lifestyle, budget and hearing care needs to determine the right treatment plan for you to live your best life. Henry Ford Audiology is pleased to provide state-of-the-art, professional, compassionate, comprehensive hearing care that’s All for You. 

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