Online Hearing Screening

The most convenient way to see if you need a professional hearing test.

Have you ever wondered about hearing loss? Maybe you’ve been told your TV is too loud, had trouble following conversation in a crowded room, or you just know you sat too close to the stage at a few too many rock concerts? Now, you can check your hearing at home, with our online hearing screening.

At the beginning of the screening, you’ll be asked to enter some basic information about yourself, and what you think about your hearing in different situations.

Then, have your headphones ready and make sure you’re in quiet place. You’ll listen to a series of tones and respond to questions about when and how you hear them.

The results of your free hearing screening are separated by ear and will indicate where your hearing falls on a scale from good hearing to a hearing problem. While we believe our online hearing screening is an excellent tool, no self-assessment is perfect*. So, if your online hearing screening indicates hearing loss, or if you simply believe your hearing isn’t what is should be, we encourage you to schedule a comprehensive hearing screening with a Henry Ford Audiologist.

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*With any self-administered hearing screening, inconsistencies in response will affect screening reliability. Always consult a Henry Ford audiologist to receive a complete diagnostic hearing assessment.

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