Heart CT Scan

Computed tomography (CT) is a test that combines x-ray and computer scans. The result is a detailed picture that can show problems with the arteries of the heart and how it functions.


  • You will be given some medication to take 1 hour before the exam to slow the heart rate down. Additional medication may be given through the IV line if needed.
  • You will lie on a table. The table slides into the CT scanner.
  • ECG Leads will be placed on your chest
  • You will be given contrast through an intravenous (IV) line.
  • You may feel warm or flushed during the injection of the IV contrast.
  • The technologist will ask you to hold your breath for 15 seconds during your scan.
  • The entire procedure could take up to 4 hours. The CT scan is dependent on a low heart rate.


  • Clear liquids only 4 hours prior to appointment.
  • NO caffeine, coffee, tea, chocolate or smoking 24 hours prior to the exam.
  • Bring a prescription if your doctor has given one to you.
  • Patients 55 years or older/Patients with a history of diabetes or renal disease: Requires additional blood work including BUN and creatinine within 3 months of procedure.
  • For Wyandotte patients only: Patients 60 years or older and patients with a history of diabetes and/or renal disease require additional blood work including Creatinine within 2 weeks of procedure.
  • Please arrive one hour prior to appointment for Aorta Cardiac CT exams and 30 min prior for others with a prescription if your doctor has given one to you. CT angiogram prescriptions need to state CTA of the Heart.
  • Please bring a list of your current medications.
  • ED (Erectile Dysfunction) drugs are not to be taken 72 hours prior to test.
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