Prostate PET with F-18 PSMA - PYLARIFY® (piflufolastat F 18) - PET


  • A nuclear medicine technologist will help you get ready for the study.
  • We will insert an intravenous (IV) tube into a vein in your arm or hand.
  • The technologist will inject the tracer into your IV.
  • You will relax for about an hour while the tracer flows through your body.
  • We will then take you to the PET scan area.
  • We will ask you to lie on your back on the scanner table. You will need to lie flat on your back for up to 40 minutes; we will use pillows to help provide support.
  • The PET camera will take images. Most scans will cover the area from the base of your skull down to the middle of your thighs. This imaging takes about 40 minutes.
  • Your body will be slowly moving through a scanner. For a small portion of time your head will be moving through the scanner. If you have a fear of enclosed spaces or in pain, please talk with your doctor about prescribing a proper medication prior to your appointment date
  • During the PET scan, you must hold very still and breathe normally.
  • You will not feel anything from the tracer being in your body.
  • Expect to be in the imaging department for 2 hours for your entire PET scan appointment.


  • It is advisable for patients to fast from 2 hours prior to the injection and until the scan is complete. Usual medication can be taken as prescribed. There is no special procedure for diabetic patients.
  • Patients should drink water to ensure adequate hydration prior to administration of PYLARIFY and to continue drinking and voiding frequently for the first few hours following administration to reduce radiation exposure


  • If you will be unable to have the scan, please contact us as soon as possible but at least prior to 7 a.m. the day of the scan at (313) 725-7970. To contact us after hours, leave a voice mail message (alternate tel. # (313) 916-3217.)
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