Our Neurosurgery Team

Henry Ford Health is indeed recognized as one of the nation's leading academic medical centers, known for its excellence in neurosurgery and comprehensive care. The team of neurosurgeons at Henry Ford Health is highly regarded and consists of top doctors in their field.

The neurosurgeons at Henry Ford Health are known for their exceptional skills and experience in treating complex conditions. They specialize in various areas, including brain tumors, neck and spine pain, epilepsy, movement disorders, and cerebrovascular conditions. Their expertise enables them to provide advanced surgical interventions and comprehensive care to patients with diverse neurological conditions.

In addition to their clinical expertise, the neurosurgeons at Henry Ford Health prioritize individualized care. They recognize the unique needs of each patient and are committed to tailoring their treatment plans accordingly. This patient-centered approach ensures that individuals receive the care and support they require throughout their medical journey.

Overall, Henry Ford Health and its team of esteemed neurosurgeons offer a combination of academic excellence, advanced surgical techniques, and personalized care to address the most complex neurological conditions.

“It is an incredibly exciting time within our organization, full of possibility, and to be at the helm of such a distinguished group of surgeons fills me with great hope and renewed vision. We will continue to innovate, grow our reach and impact, and further secure our position as a global destination for care,” says Dr. Ellen Air, Chair Department of Neurosurgery.

To view other Henry Ford Health physicians, visit our provider search.

To view other Henry Ford Health System physicians, visit our provider search.
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