Types of Broken Bones, Fractures and Dislocations

The term “fracture” generally refers to a break in a bone, but even the smallest fractures are broken bones. All bone breaks and traumas require timely, expert treatment so they can heal properly. Whether you have a hairline fracture, dislocated shoulder or other broken bone, trust Henry Ford Health System for complete orthopedic care.

Broken bones, fractures and dislocations we treat

No one plans to break a bone. Bone trauma is unsettling, and you want the best care to get you back on your feet. The orthopedic experts at Henry Ford offer treatments for the full range of bone traumas, including:

  • Closed/simple fracture: A break in the bone with the skin still intact
  • Open/compound fracture: A broken bone that pokes through the skin
  • Stable fracture: A fracture with broken ends that are still in place
  • Segmental/comminuted fracture: A bone that is broken at two or more places
  • Malunion fracture: A fracture that does not heal in the correct alignment
  • Nonunion fracture: A broken bone that does not heal
  • Avulsion fracture: A broken bone at the spot where a tendon or ligament attaches to the bone
  • Transverse fracture: A fracture with a horizontal fracture line across the bone
  • Oblique fracture: A fracture with an angled pattern through the bone
  • Dislocation: An injury that occurs when a joint is forced out of its original location
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For treatment of orthopedic injuries, you can get the care and the expertise of a Henry Ford orthopedic specialist at an Orthopedic Walk-In Clinic. There’s no need for an appointment or physician referral (unless required by insurance), and you will only be charged for an office visit.

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All-inclusive orthopedic care

The Level I trauma center at Henry Ford Hospital ensures complete care for all bone traumas, from simple to complex. Our orthopedic trauma surgeons handle the most complicated types of fractures such as open fractures, joint fractures, and pelvic or hip socket fractures.

Our multispecialty team also includes acute care surgeons, neurosurgeons, vascular surgeons and plastic surgeons who treat head, skull, rib and jaw trauma. If you experience bone healing complications, we can often help you regain mobility and function.

Our orthopedic doctors use advanced diagnostic technology and physical examinations to quickly diagnose your condition and determine the best course of treatment. Our depth of expertise makes sure you receive the right care quickly. If an orthopedic issue affects other parts of your body, we work with the right specialists to make sure you receive complete care. Discover more about bone treatments  we offer at Henry Ford. If you’ve been diagnosed with a fracture, we have some tips about how to care for broken bones.

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Ready to learn more? Visit frequently asked questions  from patients at Henry Ford or contact us to make an appointment with one of our top orthopedic doctors. 

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