Broken Bones and Trauma

Bones are resilient -- but not indestructible.

Bones are the hardest, sturdiest parts of our bodies. But trauma -- such as from a fall, car accident, or sports injury -- can break or dislocate even the strongest bones.

When you suffer a traumatic bone injury, you need prompt care from an experienced orthopedics team.

Support for healthy bones

We treat many types of dislocations and bone fractures, from simple, clean breaks to complex fractures. Our team also sees patients for mild to severe bone dislocations -- when the bone doesn’t break but instead is forced out of joint.

Broken and dislocated bones that aren’t properly treated can be incredibly painful. They’ll also be prone to complications and painful conditions that limit movement, such as arthritis.

After we repair your broken or dislocated bone, we’ll provide you with the education and support you need to care for the bone as it heals.

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