Patient Stories

At Henry Ford, we don’t just treat illness or disease. We treat the person. Our orthopedic specialists work together with our patients to come up with an personalized treatment plan to help them live their best life.

Every patient’s story is unique. We are grateful for those who allow us to share their stories.

Anthony's story

orthopedics patient anthony hayes

Anthony noticed an unusual mass developing on his foot, and eventually sharp pain when he stepped. Now Anthony can walk and run without any discomfort. Read More.

Lynn's story

bunion patient lynn schwab

When bunions started to interfere with her active lifestyle, Lynn decided to try a new minimally-invasive foot surgery that takes about half the time of traditional surgery. Read More.

Warren's story

Warren Pettaway of Detroit knew he had to have his left knee checked out when he could no longer keep up while officiating basketball. Read More.

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Kourtney's story

Kourtney Kennard with gold medal

Six months after hip surgery, Kourtney helps her team win the gold medal at the Junior Olympics. Read More.

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