Foot and Ankle Care

Whether you want to run a marathon or run after your grandkids, you need healthy feet and ankles to do so. At Henry Ford Health System, we can help you live your best, most active life.

Our foot and ankle specialists fully assess your symptoms and your lifestyle to design the most effective treatment plan. Our team evaluates your overall health and studies your biomechanics, or how your feet and ankles function while you stand or walk. We also check your footwear to determine if it meets your needs for work, sports and other pursuits. We customize your care for truly positive results.

Foot and ankle specialists: Why choose Henry Ford?

We are a regional leader in foot and ankle care. For decades, people have trusted Henry Ford to deliver exceptional care from top doctors. People across southeast and central Michigan choose us because we offer:

  • Experienced team: Our orthopedic surgeons, podiatric surgeons and podiatrists work together to get you an accurate diagnosis and the care you need. All our doctors are board certified, meaning they’ve demonstrated their skills and knowledge. They’re joined by top support staff. Learn more about our foot and ankle team.
  • Coverage for all foot and ankle needs: We treat a wide range of foot and ankle conditions, from congenital issues at birth to injuries and degenerative problems later on. Whether it’s a common foot or ankle problem or a complex one, we can help. Learn more about the foot and ankle conditions we treat.
  • Range of innovative treatments: We offer a full range of treatments, so you can find an option that fits your needs and your life. We offer the latest ultrasound-guided injections and regenerative therapies, as well as arthroscopic surgeries. These minimally invasive procedures get you back on your feet quickly, with little pain during recovery. Learn more about our nonsurgical foot and ankle treatments and our foot and ankle surgery
  • Complete care: Sometimes foot and ankle care calls for additional expertise. Our foot and ankle specialists collaborate with plastic surgeons, arthritis specialists, wound care experts and physical therapists across the Henry Ford network. You get all the specialized care you need from one trusted source.
  • Easy access: Henry Ford has several foot and ankle clinics throughout the region, equipped with the latest tools for diagnosis and treatment. We also offer virtual care options, and guarantee appointments within 24 business hours for prompt care. Find a location for foot and ankle care.

Why is it important to see a foot and ankle specialist?

All too often, people try to push through foot and ankle pain. What starts as a mild condition can then become a serious injury. Don’t ignore your symptoms. If you have persistent discomfort or find it hard to walk or put on shoes, see a foot and ankle doctor.

Regular foot exams are especially important for people with diabetes. Minor issues such as corns or calluses can turn into dangerous foot blisters and ulcers. Daily self-care and annual foot checkups can help prevent wounds, bone infections and other limb-threatening conditions. (Learn more about our foot care for diabetes.)

Watch as foot surgeon Dr. Nicole Brouyette explains why seeing a podiatrist is important.

Expert Orthopedic Care

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