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Joint Care

Explore treatment options to relieve joint pain

The body’s joints make it possible for us to move. But many kinds of injuries, diseases, and other conditions can make movement difficult -- or even impossible -- without the right treatment.

Joint pain isn’t something you just have to accept. Our joint specialists will determine what’s causing your pain and give you the care you need as soon as possible.

What does Henry Ford offer for joint care?

Our doctors have experience with a wide range of joint conditions and treatments. This includes:

We also offer joint replacement if your condition can’t be treated with other options.

Our care includes more than treating your joint condition. We’ll also teach you how to preserve your joints afterwards.

Online Joint Preservation Class

Henry Ford Joint Preservation on-demand class that will help you take charge of your joint pain, exploring surgical and non-surgical options.

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Henry Ford Joint Replacement Guide

Want to learn more about our program? Download our free Henry Ford Joint Replacement Guide.

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