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Joint Replacement

Find pain relief and get back to your active life with a shoulder, hip or knee replacement.

You rely on your knees and hips to move. Hurdles like joint pain and stiffness get in your way. Arthritis, intense sports activities, traumatic injury or disease may cause these symptoms. Whenever possible, our doctors start with the most conservative treatment approach, such as medication, physical therapy or arthroscopy surgery. We provide extensive joint care options. When the hip, knee, or shoulder is deteriorated beyond repair, partial joint replacement or total joint replacement surgery may be necessary.

Our joint services include:

Why choose Henry Ford for your joint replacement?

We understand how joint pain can negatively affect your life and your lifestyle. Even simple tasks that you used to do with ease, like home repairs or walking the dog, may cause pain. If you have been unable to control your joint pain with medication or therapy, our Center for Joint Replacement is your best option for renewed health.

Using innovative joint replacement methods, Henry Ford orthopedic surgeons reconstruct thousands of hip and knee joints each year. Treatments include routine and complex total hip and knee replacement, revision of previously replaced joints that have worn out or failed, partial knee replacement, hip resurfacing and arthroscopic knee surgery.

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To ensure a truly healing experience - in mind, body and spirit – Henry Ford has developed the Center for Joint Replacement. Available at our hospitals in Clinton Township, Detroit, West Bloomfield and Wyandotte, the Center for Joint Replacement offers patients:

  • A team approach to healing, which starts with pre-surgical education sessions, specially trained physical therapists and nurses who get you back on your feet the day of surgery, and continues with home care and other support. We are with you every step of the way.
  • The recommendations of former patients, who have rated Henry Ford’s joint replacement experience among the best in the nation (as measured by Press Ganey patient satisfaction surveys).
  • A personalized, proven approach to the best outcomes, with recognition regionally and nationally for the care we provide, including Blue Distinction Center of Excellence for Hip and Knee Replacement designations at all of our hospitals from Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  • Our Rapid Recovery Program means you will walk with your physical therapist earlier and more frequently after surgery. We have found that by starting therapy earlier after surgery, patients report less pain. Patients are usually able to go home within 24 hours of their surgery.
  • Our joint replacement team uses many different methods to lessen pain after surgery. In addition to medication, you may receive either an injection into a nerve near the joint and/or numbing medicine to numb the area around the joint. We also provide narcotic and non-narcotic medication after surgery. Using multiple medications after surgery means you get lower doses of each type, which reduces medication-related side effects.
  • With our approaches to early therapy and pain management, it is possible for patients to go home the same day as their joint replacement surgery. Ask your surgeon if you would be a candidate for same day joint replacement surgery.

Is joint replacement right for me?

Surgeons at the Henry Ford Center for Joint Replacement diagnose and treat joint pain close to home. We use the latest research to determine your treatment options. If partial or total joint replacement is right for you, we make sure you get a strong, durable artificial joint. Our team of surgeons, specialty trained nurses and physical therapists is here to restore you to a lifestyle with less pain and more mobility.

Many studies show patients choose joint replacement surgery to reduce their pain, increase their mobility and improve their quality of life. Henry Ford offers a wide range of joint replacement services, from surgery to address a complex musculoskeletal condition to a simple joint issue.

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