Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

ENT specialists at Henry Ford Health may recommend surgery if you have chronic sinusitis or recurrent acute sinusitis that does not respond to other treatment. 

What is endoscopic sinus surgery?

Endoscopic sinus surgery is performed entirely through the nose using specialized instruments. There are no external incisions, so you won’t have any stiches or scars. 

The surgery removes thickened or diseased nasal and sinus tissue, while keeping healthy tissue intact. This widens the natural openings of the sinuses, allowing for more effective delivery and distribution of saline, nasal sprays and other sinus medications. Wider openings also make it easier for the sinuses to drain, even when swollen from infection or environmental irritants.

What to expect from endoscopic sinus surgery

First, we will order a CT scan (a type of detailed X-ray) to look at your sinus and nasal anatomy and condition. Your surgeon uses the scan to see exactly what tissue to remove. 

The surgery lasts from one to three hours, during which you are under general anesthesia. Most people go home the same day. We may place temporary stents in your nose to improve healing after surgery.

You should expect to feel congested and have some nasal and facial pressure after surgery. Recovery time varies from person to person, as sinuses heal over time. Most people can return to normal activity within a week or so. 

We schedule a postoperative appointment one week after surgery. Your doctor assesses your healing and removes stents if you have them. We then schedule any follow-up appointments as needed.

sinus cavities with polyp
Figure A: View of the sinus cavities. A polyp inside the sinus is causing blockage, making it difficult to breathe or deliver medical therapies to the sinuses.
sinus cavities after polyp removal
Figure B: View of the sinus cavities (from Fig. A). The polyp has been removed, creating space and allowing for air flow through the sinuses.
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