Voice Disorders

It’s easy to take your voice for granted, until you’ve experienced a loss of voice or a voice disorder. Many different types of disease processes can negatively affect the voice. In addition, voice may be less than optimal due to poor vocal habits in the absence of disease.

The Henry Ford Health Division of Speech-Language Sciences and Disorders is proud to offer services for care of the voice. We have provided a comprehensive evaluation of the voice, and therapeutic programs to restore the voice to an optimal level of functioning.

Speech-language pathologists and otolaryngologists work as a team to diagnose and treat a variety of voice problems. Area residents and well-known celebrities alike have benefited from our voice program. All patients receive the finest of care, using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment such as videolaryngostroboscopy (VLS), a technique that provides slow motion viewing of the vocal folds and a detailed picture of the vocal folds in motion. A perceptual analysis is then performed to define the specific characteristics of the voice that are contributing to the problem. It’s a complete voice workup, with trained staff that makes the experience as comfortable as it is informative and enjoyable.

Voice therapy may be recommended for individuals with vocal nodules or polyps, vocal fold paralysis, chronic laryngitis, chronic coughing, gastroesophageal reflux disease, vocal cord dysfunction, aging or neurological disease. Voice therapy is also conducted for transgender individuals as part of their transition.

The Division of Speech-Language Sciences and Disorders offers a personalized approach to voice therapy for all of these conditions and more, keeping the individual in mind as therapy goals and activities are designed.

Our staff has published numerous papers and book chapters in the area of voice, as well as presented research in voice at national and area meetings. Ongoing research is being done in the area of voice evaluation and therapy. Our staff has also taught the voice disorders course in the graduate school speech pathology programs at Wayne State University and Eastern Michigan University.

We serve adults and children with voice problems at our clinics at the main campus in Detroit and at the West Bloomfield facility.

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