Getting Back In The Game

Knee Surgery Patient Helps Team Win Its First Football Championship

In the first game of his junior year, Marqis Stokes, wide receiver and cornerback for Cranbrook Kingswood High School Football, sustained a significant knee injury after his knee buckled. Following knee surgery and successful rehab, Marqis returned to play in his senior year and helped the team win a season-record 10 games and their first district championship.

When the injury happened, Marqis followed the advice of Henry Ford Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer, Trevor Lopez, and went to see Dr. Eric Makhni, Henry Ford Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon. Dr. Makhni informed Marquis that he unfortunately tore his ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), one of the main stabilizing ligaments of the knee, and would need reconstructive surgery in order to get back to playing football at a high level. Dr. Makhni successfully performed the ACL reconstruction using a portion of his patella tendon to re-create the ACL. 

According to Coach Joe D’Angelo, Marqis had to go through a protocol with the doctors and trainers to properly rehabilitate after surgery. “We relied on them to prescribe the right type of therapy and indicate when he could do certain things”, said coach D’Angelo. Stated Marqis, “I had a lot of apprehension and didn’t know what to expect, what the outcome would be and how fast I would be able to get back… In the end, it all worked out."

“Marqis had to go through a lot both physically and mentally”, said coach D’Angelo. He became a role model for his teammates on his determination and the confidence he had in himself to get back in the game. “Dr. Makhni really helped me out”, said Marqis. “He checked up on me whenever possible and set up meetings at Henry Ford to see the progress of my knee."

Dr. Makhni monitored Marqis’ progress after surgery throughout the recovery process to make sure that he was staying on track with regaining his knee strength and stability. After he completed his rehabilitation protocol, Marqis returned to play stronger than ever and celebrate winning the district championship with his teammates.

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