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Sports Medicine

Michigan’s only team of interconnected medical and surgical specialists – treating the whole athlete

Sports are a major part of Michigan culture. They also make life rewarding and enjoyable. Henry Ford Health System cares for professional athletes, high school and college athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and weekend warriors. No matter your skill level, we can treat your injury and get you back to the sports you love.

With a focus on ongoing research in the field of sports medicine -- and the only Sports Concussion Clinic of its kind in the Detroit Metro area -- Henry Ford is a leader in individualized sports medicine.

Henry Ford is also proud to be the official team physicians for the Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons and many Metro-Detroit colleges, universities and high schools. Check out all of our sports team partnerships.

Getting started: where does it hurt?

Endurance, sleep problems, respiratory conditions -- if it affects your athletic performance, we can help you. Learn more about the ways we treat and prevent injury to specific joints and area of the body.

Sports Medicine Physicians for the Detroit Pistons

From injury prevention to leading-edge treatment Henry Ford Sports Medicine has a full team of sports specialists to safely treat any level of athlete.

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Hit your peak performance with targeted sports conditioning

Henry Ford Sports Medicine specialists can help you develop your skills, keep your competitive edge, and prevent injury with FasTrac, a sports conditioning program for Flexibility, Agility and Strength Training for Athletic Competition. We develop focused exercises and programs just for you.

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Sports Physicals

Our $26 physical exam measures height and weight and checks blood pressure and vision.

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Treatment Type Matters in Shoulder Injuries in NFL Players

Players in the National Football League who opted for surgery to repair a dislocated shoulder are at less risk of re-injury once they return to play, compared to those who don’t have surgery, according to a Henry Ford Hospital study.
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