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Head injury treatment from sports medicine experts.

students playing soccerPerform at your very best, on and off the playing field. After a head injury, we can help you safely return to your life — at school, at home and at work. The experts at the Henry Ford Kutcher Clinic for Concussion and Sports Neurology are here to help you achieve total brain health.

Maybe you’re a young athlete who sustained a concussion last week. Or perhaps you’re an active adult still dealing with the effects of an old head injury. No matter the circumstances, you should never leave your brain health to chance. We offer thorough assessments and highly specialized care for neurological disorders and trauma, including concussions and complex head injuries.

Head injury care: Why choose Henry Ford Health System?

We’ve partnered with renowned sports neurologist and concussion experts, to bring the best care to the region. People choose us because we offer:

  • Unique approach: We combine two areas of expertise — sports medicine and neurology. We specialize in helping teenage and adult athletes who have problems with their brain, spine or peripheral nerve system. Whether it’s a new injury or a previous neurological diagnosis, we can help.
  • Collaborative team: Our team includes a neurologist and a sports medicine primary care physician. These doctors are supported by a staff of experienced athletic trainers who work directly with athletes, in the clinic and on the sidelines.
  • Community involvement: We’re trusted by high school and collegiate teams throughout the region to deliver concussion education, diagnosis and treatment. We work with parents, teachers and coaches to help athletes recover and safely return to play.
  • Personalized care: We take the time to get to know you, not just the suspected injury or disorder. A neurological condition can have far-reaching effects, with more than 20 symptoms for concussions alone. We evaluate how trauma or disease has affected your life — sleep, school, work, mood, diet — to design the right treatment plan.
People across southeast and south central Michigan can get care in two convenient locations:
  • Tuesday afternoons (by appointment): Henry Ford Center for Athletic Medicine in Detroit
  • Thursday afternoons (by appointment): Henry Ford Medical Center - Columbus in Novi

Neurological conditions we treat

Neurological health issues can take many forms — not only sports injuries but also underlying disorders and damage from falls and car accidents. While we focus on treating teenage and adult athletes facing these challenges, we can also help others, too.

We care for:

  • Concussions (mild traumatic brain injury)
  • Migraine headaches
  • Post-concussion syndrome
  • Epilepsy and seizure disorders
  • Movement disorders
  • Muscle and nerve injuries
  • Spinal cord disorders

Treatments and services for total brain health

We base our treatment recommendations on a comprehensive physical and neurological evaluation. Our specialists assess everything from behavior to cognition (thinking, learning and remembering). After we’ve mapped the full extent of your symptoms, we create a detailed care plan. Our goal is restoring brain health and helping you safely return to your life.

We offer:

  • Assistance with school or work accommodations
  • Baseline testing, or measuring brain function when you’re healthy to have a comparison if you get injured
  • Manipulation of muscles and joints
  • Medications, nerve blocks and trigger point injections
  • Neurocognitive assessments
  • Return-to-play plans and authorization

We can also arrange additional care through other Henry Ford programs:

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