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Our focus is on getting you back in the game as quickly as possible; therefore we have both primary care sports medicine physicians and orthopedic surgeons on our physician team. The majority of athletic injuries require rehabilitation, sports conditioning, or other services. Patients typically will see a Primary Care Sports Medicine physician first.

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For injuries that require surgery, our Sports Medicine orthopedic surgeons will work with the Primary Care Sports Medicine physicians, or your own Primary Care Provider, to get you back on the road to recovery.

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Athletic Trainers

Athletic Trainers are critical members of our Sports Medicine team. Our athletic trainers work with our physicians to prevent, evaluate, diagnosis, treat and rehabilitate athletic injuries. Through our Sports Medicine program, our Athletic Trainers support the athletic programs at over 15 high schools and four colleges throughout the tri-county area.

Athletic trainers are healthcare professionals who have completed a bachelors or Master's degree in Athletic Training. In the State of Michigan Athletic Trainers must be licensed in order to practice. To learn more about the athletic training profession visit the National Athletic Trainers Association.

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Physical Therapists

Physical Therapists are an integral member of the Sports Medicine Team. Physical Therapy services are accessible through a referral from a physician. Our physical therapists do a thorough biomechanical assessment, develop a plan of care and use a variety of treatment techniques to help you reduce pain, restore function and return to your activities. Most health insurance plans cover physical therapy services.

Physical therapists are healthcare professionals who have completed a Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. They are licensed by the State of Michigan. Learn more about the physical therapy profession at the American Physical Therapy Association.

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