Before Your Surgery

When patients are scheduled for surgery, instructions will be provided on any preoperative tests that need to be done, such as a chest X-ray or blood tests. The Henry Ford Patient Services Department will contact each patient on the day before surgery to ask a set of questions and confirm the time the patient should arrive on the day of surgery.

Patients meet the anesthesiologist and other team members on the day of surgery, but any patient may request to talk with the anesthesiologist earlier to discuss any concerns.

Every surgical patient will first meet the anesthesiologist on the day of surgery. After arriving for surgery, the patient is taken to the preoperative area for preparation for surgery. Part of this preparation includes meeting the Anesthesiology team members including the senior staff anesthesiologist as well as the anesthesiology resident and/or certified registered nurse anesthetist.

The important discussion between the Anesthesiology team and the patient and family includes information about the patient's medical and surgical history, current medical condition, any known allergies to medications, the surgical procedure planned for the day, and the patient's experience from any previous surgeries requiring anesthesia, such as side effects or complications.

Patients should be prepared to answer the same question many times before surgery, such as the body site of surgery and medication allergies. This multiple question process is purposely done for quality medical care and patient safety.

Patients may receive antibiotics, pain medications, and/or anti-anxiety medications in the preparation for surgery. The plan is tailored to each patient's needs, medical condition, and type of surgical procedure.

The Anesthesiology team will explain the anesthesia plan during preoperative care so the patient and family understand what to expect. After all the goals have been achieved in the preoperative care plan, the patient is ready for the Operating Room.

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