What to Expect When Having Surgery

Our Henry Ford care team preps and wheels many patients into operating rooms (ORs) every day. Getting more information on what to expect can help calm your nerves and find out how to plan before you go to the hospital.

Depending on your surgery or procedure will determine your length of stay in the hospital. Inpatient surgery usually requires that you stay in the hospital for a day or more so, our Henry Ford care team can monitor your vitals, manage your pain and recovery. If you are scheduled for an Outpatient surgery, you will go home the same day of your surgery when doctors feel that you are ready.

What to expect the day of surgery

Upon your arrival to the hospital, the Henry Ford team will begin the pre-surgical process which includes, reviewing your medical history, taking your vital signs, change into a gown and put on your ID bracelet. Learn more about what to expect the day of surgery

What to expect during your surgery

During your surgery you will have a dedicated surgical team that will be in the OR with your surgeon. This team may include a surgical technician, registered nurse, nurse anesthetist or anesthesiologist, and a resident physician. Learn more about what to expect during surgery

What to expect after your surgery

If you are preparing to go home the same day as your surgery your nurse will give you detailed instructions on your recovery process. Your doctor will give you medicine for pain control and you checked out to make sure you are stable enough to go home. Learn more about what to expect the day after surgery

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