Chemotherapy for Testicular Cancer

Customized chemotherapy treatment for testicular cancer.

Our medical oncologists specialize in testicular cancer and will work closely with you to customize the most appropriate treatment for your diagnosis.

Chemotherapy uses drugs to damage or destroy cancer cells. We inject or infuse a combination of medications into the bloodstream to attack cancer cells in the testis.

Chemotherapy may be used if tumor markers rise after testicular cancer surgery, or if cancer has spread beyond the testicles. Serum tumor markers and imaging tests help guide how much chemotherapy to use and help to determine if chemotherapy will be an effective treatment option.

Types of testicular cancer chemotherapy

Our medical oncologists track the latest in testicular cancer chemotherapy treatments, so you get the most advanced therapy possible. There are a few terms to understand about types of chemotherapy:

  • Adjuvant chemotherapy: We often administer this treatment if tumor markers rise after testicular cancer surgery. This chemotherapy is used to kill any remaining cancer cells that may have spread or were not seen during surgery.
  • Neoadjuvant chemotherapy: This treatment takes often place before testicular cancer surgery to shrink large tumors, so less extensive surgery will be required. This type of chemotherapy can decrease the risk of the cancer returning. Also, it can kill cancer cells that are unseen because they have moved away from the original tumor site.
Chemotherapy and You

A resource to help inform and organize you as you go through chemotherapy treatment for your cancer.

Chemotherapy and You NIH

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