Treatment for von Hippel-Lindau

Minimally invasive and advanced surgical techniques to treat von Hippel-Lindau tumors.

Because von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) syndrome predisposes those affected to a variety of malignant and benign tumors of the eye, brain, spinal cord, kidney, pancreas, and adrenal glands, it is vital for patients to receive care from a team with expertise in the various aspects of their disease.

This coordinated care approach ensures a treatment plan that includes appropriately timed and the most advanced therapies for our VHL patients and their families.

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Surgery options for von Hippel-Lindau

Surgery is the main treatment for VHL-associated cysts and tumors. Our surgery team is one of the largest and most experienced in the country. We are national leaders in minimally invasive surgery techniques, offering advanced surgery options, including robotic surgery, for VHL patients.

Kidney and adrenal tumors: Our main treatment for kidney and adrenal cancers is robotic-assisted surgery. We’re able to perform safe and effective robotic procedures for even complex cases – often sparing the kidney and adrenal glands. 

  • Robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy, also known as renal-sparing surgery, removes the tumor while preserving the normal and unaffected portion of the kidney. 
  • Robotic radical nephrectomy completely removes the entire kidney. This procedure is necessary for some patients with more advanced tumors.
  • Robotic-assisted partial adrenalectomy, also known as an adrenal-sparing surgery, removes adrenal tumors while sparing the remaining normal adrenal gland to help prevent the need for medications to replace adrenal function.

Brain tumors: We offer state-of-the-art technology for less invasive removal of brain and spine tumors. Our surgeons can now view a brain tumor’s position more easily than ever and can safely navigate the deep and critical command centers of the brain as never before thought possible.

Eye tumors: We have eye surgeons who can surgically manage tumors of the eye to maintain vision, as well as provide close monitoring for prevention.

Pancreatic cysts and tumors: Our nationally recognized surgical oncology team has expertise in minimally-invasive techniques to remove pancreatic tumors.

Kidney Cancer
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