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Safer Brain Tumor Surgery

As part of your personalized treatment plan, your care team may recommend surgery to remove the tumor in your brain. Any surgery can be a frightening experience, and you may have concerns that brain tumor surgery could affect your personality or ability to function.

At the Hermelin Brain Tumor Center, we are passionate about making brain tumor surgery as safe as possible. We help ensure the best possible outcome and highest quality of life. Learn more about our tailored approach to brain tumor treatment.

Excellence in Care

Tiffany Crowe was treated at the Hermelin Brain Tumor Center when her tumor came back. Her story demonstrates the importance of precision medicine and MRI in determining an aggressive, but safe route to a tumor.

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Balancing brain tumor removal with brain preservation

Research has shown that the more brain tumor tissue that’s removed, the better your outcome. However, tumors can grow in parts of your brain that are important for body movement, speech, strength and vision.

Our use of innovative technologies makes brain surgery safer. Our surgeons can view a brain tumor’s position more easily now than ever. They can safely navigate the deep and critical command centers of the brain as never before thought possible. Our technologies include:

  • BrightMatter system, featuring robotic-assistance for surgeons to visually magnify the tumor during brain surgery and track the position of surgical tools
  • Intraoperative MRI (iMRI) for high-resoluton scans during brain surgery
  • Gleolan (5-ALA) dye to highlight glioma tumor cells for removal
  • Laser Ablation for destruction of targeted tissue through a minimally invasive technique instead of a craniotomy

New hope for inoperable brain tumors

You may have been told elsewhere that your brain tumor is inoperable and that you’re not a good candidate for brain tumor surgery. Often, the reason given is the difficult location of the tumor.

At Hermelin Brain Tumor Center, our technologies may give you new hope. Make an appointment for an evaluation with one of our brain tumor surgeons to discuss your possible options.

24 hour appointment guarantee

When it’s brain cancer, you don’t want to wait. We offer a brain tumor appointment guarantee to ensure that you can be seen by a specialist quickly.

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Request information on clinical trials

If you were diagnosed with a brain tumor we may have a clinical trial for you.

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