If you are interested in starting an art practice and not sure where to begin, collage might be just the thing. Creating art is such a personal expression, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. Collage is great because it can reduce some of the pressure that comes with the “blank canvas” anxiety when you have a blank piece of paper or canvas and you have no idea where to start! There is a great quote by Vincent van Gogh, 

“If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” 

Basically, just START anywhere! With collage, you can begin with images from old books or magazines, alleviating some of the decision fatigue that comes with starting a new piece of art. 

Collage is essentially an art form that uses pre-existing visual elements that are combined to create a new image. This could be done with drawings, photographs, magazine images, or objects. These elements are then glued down to a surface to create the new image. You could even create a digital collage using your computer or phone! 

There is a great freedom in collage because you can layer elements, rearrange them, and change things until you are satisfied with the result. You can create an abstract image or a still life. You can add or remove whatever you like. It is completely up to you how the finished piece will look. 

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to create your art. There are so many ways to create beauty and only you can create what is in your heart. 

Try This

Collect some materials to create your collage: 

  • Magazine images - sort through old magazines and pull out images that appeal to you. Cut or tear around the edges of the image so you have only the part you want to use.
  • Go to your local library or thrift store and ask if they sell old books. You can often find some great images from these old books that would eventually have been thrown away. 
  • Photographs - you can use old photos or make a copy of the photos to use on your collage without sacrificing the original. 
  • Glue - I recommend using YES Paste because it is designed for use with paper and will help your elements stay flat.

Create your collage!

  • Start by arranging some of your elements on your paper without gluing them down. Rearrange them until you like the look.
  • Apply glue to the back of your image using either a glue stick or use a paintbrush with the YES glue, which can be thinned with warm water. 
  • Then carefully place your image on your paper and smooth it out, making sure there are no wrinkles and all the edges are pressed down. 
  • Once you have all your images glued in place, you can frame your finished art! 

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