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Welcome to the online blog of C.A.R.E. Connections. In each blog, you will find insights into resources available for those dealing with caregivers and highlights of Caregivers Art. Plus, each blog offers web “extras” and links designed to inspire, empower and simplify your life with the use of art.

Screen Fatigue (11/21/22)

Spending excessive time in front of screens can result in screen fatigue, or computer vision syndrome. Read more.

Pet Therapy (11/14/22)

If you ever had the joy of growing up with a loving pet, then you can probably appreciate the benefits of pet therapy. Read more.

Mind Map (11/7/22)

Writing poetry can be a simple and satisfying tool to add to your self-care routine. Read more. 

Poetry as self care (10/31/22)

Writing poetry can be a simple and satisfying tool to add to your self-care routine. Read more. 

Routine (10/24/22)

We talk a lot about taking time for yourself and creating self-care routines to improve your mood. Read more. 

Museum Sanctuary (10/12/22)

Have you ever thought about how strolling through a museum or gallery can create calmness within you? The environment is generally quiet, allowing you to focus on the artwork.  Read more. 

Sweet Dreams (10/4/22)

Getting a good night sleep is crucial to your mental and physical health.  Read more. 

Grow your strengths (9/29/22)

Being a family caregiver can be overwhelming at times and make us feel like we’re not sure what we’re doing.  Read more. 

Reading to Relax (9/23/22)

Do you remember the last time you got completely lost in a story?  Read more. 

Volunteer (9/12/22)

Helping others helps us all! There are some surprising benefits to volunteering for a cause you care about. Read more. 

Meditation (9/6/22)

A practice that has been around for thousands of years has the potential for creating a deep state of relaxation and helping you tune into the present moment. Read more. 

A Self-Care Garden (8/30/22)

Right now is a great time to begin planning and planting your self-care garden. Read more. 

Technology and Self-Care (8/15/22)

Video games can often get a bad reputation as a waste of time, or worse, as an unhealthy pastime that makes players prone to violence.  Read more. 

Support Systems (8/9/22)

We all need a support system in our lives, and now is a great time to assess who we can turn to when we need support. Read more. 

Humor as a coping strategy (8/1/22)

Have you ever found yourself laughing at a stressful or unfortunate event? While mental illness is not funny, sometimes using humor as a coping strategy can be helpful. Read more. 

Self-Care for Anxiety (7/22/22)

We all experience anxiety to some degree, and it’s not always a problem. Read more. 

Mental Health Awareness (7/14/22)

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 1 in 5 adults experienced a mental illness in 2020. Read more. 

Journaling for Self-Care (6/16/22)

Journaling has many mental health benefits and can be an easy way to begin a self-care routine. Read more. 

The Ambidextrous Artist (4/25/22)

Colin Darke is an American artist who has gained international recognition for his rare ability to draw beautiful, intricate drawings with both hands simultaneously.  Read more. 

What is Creativity

What is Creativity? (4/18/22)

So, what exactly does it mean to be creative? What is the first thing you think of when you see that question? Many people will tell me that “to be creative” means to be skilled at making fine art, like painting a portrait.  Read more. 

Music Playlist

Music Playlist (4/12/22)

Most of us enjoy listening to music whether it’s classical or alt rock, country or rap, and research shows that it’s all great for our brain! Read more. 

Self Compassion (4/8/22)

Dr. Kristin Neff explains that self-esteem is based in self evaluations - basically it is built on our perception of our value and how much we like ourselves. Read more. 

The Power of Nature

The Power of Nature (3/21/22)

Spending time in nature has the power to reduce stress and improve your overall wellbeing. Read more. 

The Benefits of Knitting and Crocheting (3/17/22)

The simple and complex nature of these two skills make them a great self care tool for the craft artist.  Read more. 

Space as Self Care

Space as Self Care (3/7/22)

How do you feel about the space you spend time in during the day? Have you considered treating that space as part of your self-care routine?  Read more. 

Found Poetry (2/25/22)

Found poetry is a great creative prompt to add to your self-care routine. Read more. 

Mantra Meditation (2/7/22)

Mantras and affirmations are often used synonymously, but they are different. Read more.

Healthy Boundaries (1/17/22)

Physical and emotional boundaries are necessary to help keep us healthy, but many of us feel guilty when we put our own needs first and practice self-care. Read more. 

One Little Word (1/3/22)

Changing your perspective on the New Year’s resolution might be the kind of shift you need.  Read more.

Taking in the Good (12/27/21)

Have you heard of the negativity bias? It’s the idea that our brain finds it easier to remember the bad things rather than the good because our ancestors needed to be aware of danger in order to survive. Read more.  

Calm connections during the Holidays (12/13/21)

This time of year here in Michigan is getting colder, there is snow on the ground and the holiday season is here. Read more.

Gratitude as Self-Care (11/29/21)

The benefits of a gratitude practice are abundant, but what exactly does gratitude mean? Simply, gratitude is the state of being thankful for what already exists. Read more.

Health Benefits of Art (11/15/21)

Making art is more than just beautiful images - the process is good for our health. Read more.

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