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Pronounced “Hoo-guh” and roughly translated to “cozy”, the Danish experience of Hygge has become very popular lately through books and online articles showcasing fluffy slippers and sipping hot chocolate by a fire while the snow falls outside. But, what exactly does it mean? While a lot of retailers are trying to sell the idea of a Hygge lifestyle through products such as candles and blankets, the real idea of Hygge is not something you can buy.

Imagine setting time aside to thoroughly enjoy simple comforts like an evening at home with good friends - a simple comfort that brings you real joy. Or, wrapping up in a soft fluffy blanket with a warm cup of tea and reading a favorite book without setting a timer or worrying about your to-do list. Hygge is more like a concept of extreme self-care - the embodiment of joy - rather than a specific object. What would give you the ultimate feeling of comfort?

Laura Byager explains: “Hygge is effortless comfort; it has no element of performance. It is absence of all pretense and worry. The word itself may defy direct translation, but you are very familiar with the concept – trust me. Had a nice dinner with a loved one in a cosy setting? Congratulations, you just had hygge. Enjoying yourself relaxing with a good book? Hygge!”

Try This

  • Clear some space on your calendar! Weekends can be a great time to relax and recharge, but if we fill every minute with scheduled “fun” we might find ourselves overwhelmed by Sunday night. 
  • If it helps, schedule a few hours in your calendar for Hygge, and make that time special for yourself. Make it a priority as you would a doctors appointment. 
  • Invite family and friends over for a game night - a simple and relaxed evening.

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