Handmade Flowers - April 9, 2024

April showers bring May flowers! 

April is national gardening month and having beautiful plants and flowers in our homes can be joyful. 

But, what if fresh flowers are not allowed?

People with allergies or a compromised immune system may not be allowed to have fresh flowers due to the negative reactions. Fresh flowers can carry bacteria and mold that could lead to infections for a patient with an impaired immune system due to cancer treatment or organ transplants. As explained on Cancer.net:

“Specific cancer treatments can increase a person’s risk for infection. For example, about half of people who receive chemotherapy develop neutropenia, which is a low level of white blood cells. White blood cells are responsible for helping the body fight infection. So, people with neutropenia have a greater risk for infections.”

Flowers have become such a recognized symbol of love and care, however we definitely don’t want to cause potential harm to our loved ones. So, what can we give instead of fresh flowers?

Gift ideas

When we want to show our love and support to friends and family without sending the traditional bouquet of flowers, we need to get a little creative. 

You could send:

  • A handmade card with a personal statement specific to your loved one. 
  • A blank notebook with a beautiful cover design and a special pen
  • A gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or grocery store
  • A donation to a charity in their name
  • A little bouquet of handmade paper flowers!

Try This

Follow the steps on How To Make Paper Flowers: Spray Roses (link below) and while making each flower, repeat a healing mantra for your loved one. Something like the loving kindness meditation: May you be safe, be happy, be healthy, live with ease. 

You can use a variety of colors for the flowers and include a personal note in a handmade card. The process will benefit you and your loved one. 

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