Junk Journals

If you’ve been thinking about simplifying, yet you don’t want to get rid of all the pretty notecards, fancy wrapping paper that won’t quite cover that gift your want to send, or fun stickers for your planner that you don’t actually use? Consider making a junk journal!

What exactly is a junk journal? “A junk journal is a handmade book created from many types of paper, often recycled materials like patterned papers, sheet music, envelopes paper bags, maps, brochures and more.” (What’s the Deal with Junk Journals?) 

Your junk journal can be a place to put all those little sentimental items that you’ve been hanging onto and just can’t bring yourself to toss out. The paper that was used to wrap a heartfelt gift; the birthday you received from a friend; or the pages of an old book you once loved but has since fallen apart. Gather all these materials, these moments, and begin filling a journal with them. 

The main book for your journal can be an unused planner, notebook, or writing journal that you aren’t using anymore. You can include traditional written journaling in this book along with the images you add. You might also want to think of your junk journal as a visual journal, a way to remember moments from your life. 

Try This

First, remember that a junk journal is intended to be a bit messy, so don’t worry about things looking perfect!

Now, gather your materials:

  • A notebook or old journal to use for your new Junk Journal
  • All the pretty papers, stickers, notecards, and other materials you can find to embellish your pages.
  • You can set a theme for your Junk Journal or simply add to it a little each day.
  • Remember, there are no rules, you get to make up the rules that work best for you!
  • Have fun!

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