PERC Partnerships

Our center values the relationships that we build with our patients, caregivers, community organizations and academic centers across the nation. By engaging a broad group of stakeholders we strive to understand the healthcare questions that matter across all groups and look for opportunities to collaborate on health system projects, research development and award management.

PERC has developed this framework through a $5 million grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to develop a world-class Center for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research. 


As part of our outreach to community, listed below is a list of our ongoing collaboration.

If you are a community organization interested in partnering with PERC please email us at

Engagement/Research Collaborators

The partners below have incorporated PERC’s services in their projects

System funded

  • Consumer Insights & Care Experience
  • Marketing Rebranding
  • Referring Physician Office
  • Family Medicine
  • Sleep Medicine
  • Office of Community Health, Equity and Wellness (CHEW)
  • Center for Health Policy and Health Services Research

Grant funded

  • Research Enterprise to Advance Children’s Health (REACH/Star)
    • Funding Source: National Institute of Health
    • Grant #: 5P01AI089473
    • PI: Johnson, C.C. / Ownby, D. R.
  • Research Enterprise to Advance Children’s Health (REACH) – Fitbit: Exploring effects of physical activity during pregnancy
    • Funding Source: Henry Ford Health System and Michigan State University
    • Grant #: N/A
    • Name of PD/PI: Santarossa, Sara/ Straughen, Jennifer/ Drewlo, Sascha
  • iFIRE-C Focus Group: Intermittent Fasting to Restrict Cancer: A Pilot Randomized Trial to Investigate Intermittent Fasting (IF) in Gynecologic and Breast Cancer Patients
    • Funding Source: Internal
    • Grant #: N/A
    • Name of PI: Ramandeep Rattan, PhD
  • Faces of Clinical Trials Video Initiative (Name TBD)
    • Funding Source: AstraZeneca
    • Grant #: N/A
    • Name of PI: Santarossa, Sara
  • Enhancing digital CBT-I to improve adherence and reduce disparities
    • Funding Source: National Institute of Health/National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
    • Project Number: R01HL159180
    • Name of PD/PI: Cheng, Phillip
  • Assessment of mobile application-delivered lighting interventions for reducing circadian disruption in shift workers
    • Funding Source: NIH/NHLBI
    • Project Number: R41HL163783
    • Name of PD/PI: Walch, Olivia/Cheng, Phillip

To learn more about becoming a PERC community partner, please call (313) 874-6243 or via email

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