Meet the PERC Team

Our dedicated research professionals will be completing studies with real-world data that will help refute and pre-empt traditional randomized clinical trials. The research team brings a variety of expertise to the design of Patient Engaged Research Center and the study of the data collected here.

Our team’s specialties range from Women's Health to Pediatrics and continues to involve various Henry Ford departments and services.

Meet our team: 

Christine Joseph, PhDChristine Johnson, Ph.D., M.P.H., is the Chair of the Public Health Sciences Department at Henry Ford Health and the lead investigator for the Patient-Engaged Research Center (PERC). Dr. Johnson has a wide range of research interests including Pharmacoepidemiology related to cancer and other diseases, cancer screening and survival, and behavioral intervention studies. Her leadership role in PERC includes collaboration with physicians and the national research community to ensure publication and implementation of our evidence-based findings. Meet Dr. Johnson.



Karen E. Kippen, MSA MT (ASCP), is the Executive Director of the Patient-Engaged Research Center (PERC). Karen is a Senior National Baldrige Examiner with a focus on strategic planning and customer engagement. Her leadership role in PERC includes oversight of the Center’s resources and activities and outreach to stakeholders and researchers both inside and outside of Henry Ford Health. Karen also serves as the All of Us Patient Advisory Council Champion.



Dana MurphyDana Murphy, BA is the Project Manager of the Patient Engaged Research Center (PERC). She manages the Patient Advisor Program, a sustainable, Henry Ford Health system-wide initiative where patients and caregivers partner with stakeholders to advise on process improvement efforts and provide feedback to make healthcare and research more patient-centered. She develops and maintains recruitment and onboarding of new advisors, training workshops and materials, and retention of program participants. She also collaborates and trains staff and administration that partner with Patient Advisors. She is responsible for the placement of Patient Advisors on councils, committees, and other projects. She also leads the strategic planning process and development of new Patient & Family Advisor Councils (PFAC). Dana has worked with PERC and the Patient Advisor Program for over 4 years and is passionate about bringing patient and caregiver voices to the table.

Sara Santarossa, Ph.D is an Assistant Scientist in the Department of Public Health Sciences, working closely with the Mom and Baby Research Studies and the Center for Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Research (CAAIR). She is also the Scientific Director of the Patient-Engaged Research Center. She is committed to using diverse participant-driven methodologies that combine both qualitative and quantitative approaches and has expertise in engaging with diverse communities to improve patient-centered outcomes. Much of her work uses a mixed method approach that enriches quantitative measures of behavioral interventions with qualitative data collection, including surveys, interviews, and focus groups. She also has experience with collecting and analyzing qualitative multimedia, including thematic analysis of visual and audiovisual data (e.g., photovoice projects that include images and/or videos posted on social media). Moreover, she has employed cutting-edge innovations in analyzing qualitative data, such as computer coding (e.g., Leximancer, Netlytic) to produce conceptual extraction (i.e., thematic) and relational (i.e., semantic) analyses. Dr. Santarossa is committed to translating research to create knowledge mobilization outcomes and impacts (e.g., infographics, interactive workshops/handouts, webinars). Meet Dr. Santarossa

Janine Hussein, M.P.H., is an Epidemiologist in the Public Health Sciences Department and holds a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology and Health Management and Policy from Benedictine University. She has over 6 years expertise in recruitment and engagement research and has been with the PHS for over 4 years. Her current role is to build awareness of the NIH’s All of Us Research Program through outreach and collaboration with local and national organizations representing underserved populations in biomedical research. Her efforts include conducting educational, enrollment and retention events across Metro Detroit. She also works on various research projects with the Patient Engaged Research Center (PERC) which include data analysis, grant submissions, funding, IRB materials and submission, recruitment, manuscript submission, and study-related documentation.

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