Individual Committees

Adding 1-2 patient advisors to existing department committee/council meetings to add patient/caregiver perspective.

Cardiac Rehab Committee

Patient Advisors on this committee provide patient perspective to the operations of HFHS cardiac rehab. Patient Advisors on this committee have gone through Phase II Cardiac Rehab Program.

Comprehensive Stroke Program

The purpose of the Stroke Transitions of Care Committee is to create pathways for stroke patients and their family/caregivers to transition from the inpatient care setting to other care settings and into survivorship in a seamless manner, by working with the patient and their caregivers to incorporate their unique needs into post-hospital planning.

The patient advisor offers first-hand perspective to the Comprehensive Stroke Program in order to improve care transitions for patients who experience stroke, by actively participating in our Stroke Transitions of Care (TOC) Committee meetings and lending their voice and ears for consideration in planning of projects, review of outcomes, and more.

Critical Care Committee

This is a system critical care collaboration with representation from all of our hospitals to help to make decisions for the system. Committee is a wide array of providers some examples are: critical care physicians, mid-levels, clinical nurse leaders, ICU nurse managers, pharmacists, Respiratory Therapists, administrators, quality people, supply chain representatives, and others.

High Reliability/Care Experience/HR Culture

This group provides feedback and supports HFHS strategic initiatives as they relate to safety and high reliability, care experience and organizational culture. This is a high level system committee composed of operational leaders. Patient Advisors on this committee are expected to provide a patient perspective to organizational plans to improve safety, reliability, care experience and culture.

Palliative Care

Engagement with the Palliative Care Council to provide feedback from a patient perspective on initiatives being presented by the council. Palliative Care Council discusses ways to improve quality of life for patients with serious illness, their caregivers, care teams, and all those who matter most to them by providing high quality specialty palliative and hospice care, enhancing the palliative care skills of all clinicians, and engaging the community in education.

Patient Education Committee

This Council works to streamline patient education across the system and has been approved by Henry Ford leadership. The goal is to streamline patient education by reviewing all requests and stamping acceptable education material to be distributed throughout the health system. The Council consists of about 30 members and includes nurses, social workers, case managers, management from creative services, reps from HAP, directors, and Patient Advisors.

Quality Safety & Reliability Council

This system council functions to drive execution and goal accountability within the quality enterprise to ensure safe and reliable care and also ensures patient and employee safety. This council makes decisions on the prioritization of quality and safety initiatives and utilizations of quality resources across the enterprise.

Supportive Care Committee

This committee focuses on best ways to connect patients to existing services within HFHS, improving communication between the care team and patients/family, as well as reducing readmissions and improving patient satisfaction. They are looking for patients and caregivers with experience in hospital readmissions.

Pursing Equity Patient Care Committee (PEPC)

PEPC provides strategic guidance for the organization to align equity strategies, review their health care equity dashboard, identify inequities, and sponsor equity improvement efforts to improve equity in patient care and patient experience throughout Henry Ford Health System. Patient Advisors on this committee help contribute to the discussions on strategic guidance for the system to align equity strategies, reviewing our health care equity dashboard, and efforts moved forward to improve equity in patient care and patience experience throughout the system.

I-MPACT Congestive Heart Failure (discontinued 2022)

Integrated Michigan Patient-centered Alliance in Care Transitions Congestive Heart Failure (HFH I-MPACT-CHF) (HFWB I-MPACT-CHF) Integrated Michigan Patient-Centered Alliance in Care Transitions (I-MPACT) is a BCBS funded quality improvement initiative with the purpose of decreasing heart failure (HF) Patient Readmissions utilizing patient/caregiver involvement. The work of this group is important because involving the patient/caregiver in HF education to improve disease management in the home is a key component in the project. Patients living with chronic disease often require support to manage their health and an appropriate, health condition educated and engaged caregiver is often required to manage one’s health.


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