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SCM Supplier Relationship Management is responsible for Henry Ford Health’s Vendor Compliance program. This program is designed to ensure Henry Ford Health is meeting all governmental regulatory requirements such as OIG Sanctions and Medicare Advantage Care Compliance Standards for “First Tier”, “Downstream” and “Related” entities (FDRs).

The monitoring of these regulatory requirements are performed through our partnership with GHX Vendormate. All current Henry Ford Health suppliers and their respective representatives are required to register in Vendormate at If you are not a current supplier to Henry Ford Health, please complete our Vendor Profile .

Once the registration process has been completed, the company sales, medical device or account representative, must reach out to Janet Canty at [email protected] to request a Henry Ford Health Vendor Identification Badge, and for instructions on submitting appointment request to meet with Henry Ford Health staff members. Medical device representatives who support procedural cases, will be provided special instructions on access and appointment request information.

When a Representative arrives for an approved appointment they must always have their Henry Ford Health Vendor ID Badge and a day pass from the Vendormate kiosk. If the location you are visiting does not have a Vendormate kiosk, the representative should provide a digital badge from their mobile device to demonstrate their appointment approval and up-to-date credentials. If you need additional on Henry Ford Health Vendor Compliance Program, please contact Janet Canty.

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