Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Management Department under the leadership of William Moir, Senior Vice President, SCM, is responsible for the supply chain management continuum for Henry Ford Health. The principal responsibility of Supply Chain Management is to represent all of Henry Ford Health in the procurement, receipt and distribution of goods, services and capital equipment in a method that provides quality products & services, product standardization and system-wide cost savings.

Henry Ford's mission is to provide quality health care by placing "Each Patient First". Supply Chain contributes to the achievement of this mission by procuring, receiving and delivering products, equipment and services that meet or exceed the quality, safety and cost savings standards of our physicians and clinical staff across the system.

The Supply Chain Management Department has four functional areas encompassing the order-to-pay process as well as four regional areas. These areas are as follows:

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing has the responsibility and authority for contracting for minor and major equipment, supplies, and services throughout Henry Ford Health. Strategic Sourcing facilitates Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and their analysis and coordinates all customer interactions throughout the RFP process and vendor interactions. Strategic Sourcing leads System-wide Value Analysis Teams, which meet monthly to assess current and potential new products, services and equipment for safety, quality and functionality, as well as cost and technology appropriateness. Additionally, the team manages Henry Ford's group purchasing organization relationship with Premier, Inc., and manages more than 2,500 contracts within the System.

Candice Pytlik, Vice-President Strategic Sourcing and Procurement to Payment –
Kelley Young, Director of Strategic Sourcing and Value Analysis - Clinical Products –
Cassandra Washington, Director of Strategic Sourcing-Administrative, Capital and Non-Clinical Services –
Tonya Bonczak, Director of Strategic Sourcing- Facilities and Construction –

Supplier Diversity

Henry Ford Health believes that everyone benefits when all businesses, including minority businesses, are afforded an opportunity to compete in the marketplace and in the healthcare industry in particular. The inclusion of minority suppliers in our supply base contributes to the long-term economic, political, and social stability of our industry and the communities we serve.

In order to meet System wide Supplier Diversity goals, the Supplier Diversity team partners closely with Strategic Sourcing to ensure that diverse suppliers are identified, included, evaluated and awarded appropriately as part of the formal bid process. We recognize that Supplier Diversity is everyone’s responsibility, so we collaborate with Supplier Diversity Champions from departments across the System to identify opportunities to increase diversity spend in their respective areas. We also host community outreach events to make strategic introductions between suppliers and System stakeholders.

All new businesses must begin their journey with Henry Ford Health through our vendor portal. If you are approached by a business interested in partnering with us, have them visit for more information on our program and to register their business on the portal at

Valencia Stoudamire, VP Supplier Diversity & Placed Based Investments, can be reached at (313) 484-5476

Supply Chain Systems & Analytics

Supply Chain Systems team is responsible for all systems, technology, configurations, user access, data and reporting related to Supply Chain operations. The mission is to provide the health system with a single thread for all Supply Chain related processes and data by configuring systems, training users, provisioning security access, providing reports and managing clean and consistent data within various applications across the health system.

The Supply Chain Analytics team is responsible to gather supply chain operational data, analyze and provide meaningful insights for cost reduction opportunities, business process improvements and to enable data driven strategic decisions in a consistent manner with focus on end user experience.

Suresh Ramadurai, Director of Supply Chain Systems and Reporting, can be reached at

Supply Chain Operations

Supply Chain Operations is responsible for the distribution operations including supply replenishment, linen distribution, currier distribution, supply warehousing and equipment distribution. These responsibilities are performed with the highest level of care to our customers through defined processes and performance tracking.

In addition, the Supply Chain Operations team collaborates with Strategic Sourcing and Supplier, Relationship Management and Supply Chain Systems & Analytics to ensure adherence to supply chain policies. Each region’s supply chain operations are led by a Supply Chain Market Leader.

Joe Pettinato, Vice President Supply Chain Operations, can be reached at

SCM regions

Central Market/Allegiance Region

Henry Ford Allegiance

William Reamon, Central Market can be reached at (517) 205-4033.

South Market/Central Region

Henry Ford Health 1 Ford Place
Henry Ford Hospital
Henry Ford Medical Center - Cottage
Henry Ford Medical Center - East Jefferson
Henry Ford Medical Center - Hamtramck
Henry Ford Medical Center - Harbortown
Henry Ford Medical Center - New Center One
Henry Ford Medical Center - Pierson
Henry Ford Tech Town
William Clay Ford Center for Athletic Medicine

Haley Anton, SCM Director can be reached at (815)

South Market/South Region

Henry Ford Medical Center - Ann Arbor
Henry Ford Medical Center - Fairlane
Henry Ford Medical Center - Ford Road
Henry Ford Medical Center - Livonia
Henry Ford Medical Center - Plymouth
Henry Ford Medical Center - Taylor
Henry Ford Medical Center - Woodhaven
Henry Ford Wyandotte Health Center - Brownstown
Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital
Henry Ford Cancer - Downriver

Mike Stevenson, SCM Director, South Region can be reached at (734) 287-9918.

North Market/Northeast Region

Henry Ford Macomb Health Center - Bruce Township
Henry Ford Macomb Health Center - Chesterfield
Henry Ford Macomb Health Center - Fraser
Henry Ford Macomb Health Center - Richmond
Henry Ford Macomb Health Center - Shelby Township
Henry Ford Macomb Hospital - Clinton Township
Henry Ford Macomb Hospital - Mt. Clemens
Henry Ford Medical Center - Chicago Road
Henry Ford Medical Center - Lakeside
Henry Ford Medical Center - Somerset
Henry Ford Medical Center - Sterling Heights
Henry Ford Medical Center - Troy

Durgesh Rege, SCM Director can be reached at (248) 495-6561,

North Market/Northwest Region

Henry Ford Kingswood Hospital
Henry Ford Maplegrove Center
Henry Ford Medical Center - Columbus
Henry Ford Medical Center - Commerce
Henry Ford Medical Center - Farmington Road
Henry Ford Medical Center - Royal Oak
Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital

Durgesh Rege, SCM Director can be reached at (248) 495-6561,


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