Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Management Department under the leadership of James P. O'Connor, Vice President, SCM, is responsible for the supply chain management continuum for Henry Ford Health System. The principal responsibility of Supply Chain Management is to represent all of Henry Ford Health System in the procurement, receipt and distribution of goods, services and capital equipment in a method that provides quality products & services, product standardization and system-wide cost savings.

Henry Ford's mission is to provide quality health care by placing "Each Patient First". Supply Chain contributes to the achievement of this mission by procuring, receiving and delivering products, equipment and services that meet or exceed the quality, safety and cost savings standards of our physicians and clinical staff across the system.

The Supply Chain Management Department has three functional areas encompassing the order-to-pay process as well as four regional areas. These areas are as follows:

Strategic sourcing

Strategic Sourcing has the responsibility and authority for contracting for minor and major equipment, supplies, and services throughout Henry Ford Health System. Strategic Sourcing facilitates Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and their analysis, and coordinates all customer interactions throughout the RFP process and vendor interactions. Strategic Sourcing leads fourteen System-wide Value Analysis Teams, which meet monthly to assess current and potential new products, services and equipment for safety, quality and functionality, as well as cost and technology appropriateness. Additionally, the team manages Henry Ford's group purchasing organization relationship with Premier, Inc., and manages more than 2,500 contracts within the System.

India Randerson, Director of Strategic Sourcing - Clinical Team, can be reached at (313) 874-7211.
Valencia Stoudamire, Director of Strategic Sourcing - Non Clinical Team, can be reached at (313) 874-6429.

Procurement & vendor compliance

Procurement is responsible for reviewing and processing all expense and capital requisitions and issuing Purchase Orders within Henry Ford Health System. The Procurement Team is organized into two groups: Clinical & Non-Clinical. Within each group the team specializes by commodities, with senior buyers and buyers staffing each of the major commodities. Vendor Compliance is responsible for Vendor Management and Training, Vendor Policy Compliance, Product Safety and Recall Management, Supplier Diversity, Business Associate Agreement Compliance, Vendor Performance Management and Vendor Pre-Qualification Registration.

New Product Vendor Information Form

Dr. Glenn Croxton, DHA, Director of Procurement and Vendor Compliance, can be reached at (313) 876-9968.

Supply Chain Management Systems

Supply Chain Management Systems is responsible for Supply Chain Management data information strategies and daily operations, utilizing Enterprise Resource Planning System, PeopleSoft, item file and content management, business process design, system access, end-user training and system reporting.
Steve Hamer, Director of FIS & Supply Chain Management Systems, can be reached at (313) 874-9468.

SCM regions

Central Region

Henry Ford Health System 1 Ford Place
Henry Ford Hospital
Henry Ford Medical Center - Cottage
Henry Ford Medical Center - East Jefferson
Henry Ford Medical Center - Hamtramck
Henry Ford Medical Center - Harbortown
Henry Ford Medical Center - New Center One
Henry Ford Medical Center - Pierson
Henry Ford Tech Town
William Clay Ford Center for Athletic Medicine

Carlos Junca, SCM Director, Central Region can be reached at (313) 916-0067.

South Region

Henry Ford Medical Center - Ann Arbor
Henry Ford Medical Center - Fairlane
Henry Ford Medical Center - Ford Road
Henry Ford Medical Center - Livonia
Henry Ford Medical Center - Taylor
Henry Ford Medical Center - Woodhaven
Henry Ford Wyandotte Health Center - Brownstown
Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital
Henry Ford Cancer Institute - Downriver

Rhonda Hazey - SCM Director, South Region can be reached at (734) 287-9918.

Northeast Region

Henry Ford Macomb Health Center - Bruce Township
Henry Ford Macomb Health Center - Chesterfield
Henry Ford Macomb Health Center - Fraser
Henry Ford Macomb Health Center - Richmond
Henry Ford Macomb Health Center - Shelby Township
Henry Ford Macomb Hospital - Clinton Township
Henry Ford Macomb Hospital - Mt. Clemens
Henry Ford Medical Center - Chicago Road
Henry Ford Medical Center - Lakeside
Henry Ford Medical Center - Somerset
Henry Ford Medical Center - Sterling Heights
Henry Ford Medical Center - Troy

Mike Stevenson - SCM Director, Northeast Region, can be reached at (586) 263-2329.

Northwest Region

Henry Ford Kingswood Hospital
Henry Ford Maplegrove Center
Henry Ford Medical Center - Canton
Henry Ford Medical Center - Columbus
Henry Ford Medical Center - Commerce
Henry Ford Medical Center - Farmington Road
Henry Ford Medical Center - Novi
Henry Ford Medical Center - Plymouth
Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital

Dave Groth - SCM Director, Northwest Region can be reached at (248) 325-0180.