Exercise Programs

Center for Athletic Medicine (CAM)

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The Center for Athletic Medicine offers a variety of performance-enhancement programs to improve performance and reduce risk of injury. You will learn proper movement skills and conditioning techniques. Programs include:

  • FASTRAC (Flexibility, Acceleration and Strength Training for Athletic Competition):Geared toward all athletes, this program strives to increase power, strength, speed, agility and flexibility. CAM team members work with the athlete to identify functional weaknesses and correct these imbalances. Each athlete builds on the foundation needed for high performance in his or her sport.
  • GolFitness Program: This program is designed to addresses all aspects of your golf game focusing on body strength and flexibility. Taught by CAM professionals, the course looks for ways to increase your strength and/or flexibility to strengthen your game and improve your technical performance.
  • The RunFast Program: Features biomechanical assessment of your running style to promote faster, stronger running. A CAM professional evaluates the biomechanics of your running pattern to help improve your times along with injury prevention and management techniques.

EXCITE: Exercise and Cancer Integrative Therapy Education Program

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This is a two-week program for those with a history of cancer (i.e. before, during or after treatment) who receive approval from their physician. The object is to enable maintenance of a structured and individualized exercise program with goals of: maintaining or improving functional capacity; mitigating adverse short-term side-effects of cancer treatments (e.g. fatigue, nausea); learning about the benefits of exercise during and after cancer care and the proper exercises to perform; and reducing the risk of other long-term health problems associated with cancer and its treatments, such as cardiovascular disease, weight gain and bone/muscle loss.


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Henry Ford employees and family members, as well as HAP members, enjoy a discounted membership fee at FitnessWorks, located in the New Center area of Detroit. A free, three-day trial membership is available. A FitnessWorks personal trainer can also customize a Fit2Go program for those who are not located in the New Center area.

Henry Ford Macomb Hospitals

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A variety of different exercise programs are offered at Henry Ford Macomb Hospitals, such as Tai Chi, yoga, Chi Kung, and Zumba

PREVENT: Prevention Thru Exercise and Education

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PREVENT provides education and exercise opportunities for patients interested in a heart-healthy lifestyle. On joining the program you will work with our staff to set personal goals. Our staff will track your progress and adjust your exercise plan according to your progress. PREVENT is appropriate for any person wishing to begin an exercise program. PREVENT is especially designed for people with chronic diseases that benefit from exercise including heart disease, cancer, peripheral artery disease (PAD), diabetes and high blood pressure.

Vita wellness center - Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital

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Proper exercise is proven to slow the effects of aging and significantly improve your health and overall well-being. If you are starting out with an exercise program or wanting to increase the benefits of your current program, meet with our experts who can prescribe an exercise program based on your goals, physiology and personal interests.

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