Exercise Programs

Division of Sports Medicine

(313) 972-4167

The Division of Sports Medicine offers comprehensive programming to improve musculoskeletal function, boost athletic skills, and enhance performance. We offer a wide variety of performance enhancement programs to reduce the risk of injury, and optimize work or athletic function to reach your goals. Programs, in individual or group sessions, include:

  • The Core and Plyometric, Over-Head Athlete, and Speed and Agility programs improve athletic performance through increased power, speed, agility and flexibility.
  • Dartfish, a computer software program, analyzes and breaks down active motion in the form of video clips. Used to analyze job function, sport-specific skills or drills, and/or functional tests, our sports medicine professionals will analyze and compare your movement to standardized functional movement clips. In addition to a filming session, you may opt to receive corrective exercise instruction and reanalysis.
  • Functional Movement Screen is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns essential to normal function. After testing, incorrect movement patterns will be corrected through exercises working one-on-one with a HF Sports Medicine Professional.
  • Our Golfit Group Exercise Class focuses on improving your golf game through physical fitness. Our HF Sports Medicine Professionals teach you a pre-game warm-up and direct you through golf-specific strength and flexibility exercises. We also offer individual sessions that include a physical assessment and video swing analysis along with a personalized workout program.
  • RunFast features a one-on-one assessment with a sports medicine professional to evaluate and offer tips to improve your running. Our program includes total body biomechanical and functional assessments, including gait evaluation. The sports medicine professional will incorporate the findings and your history into an injury prevention and management program to improve your running form.

ExCITE: Exercise and Cancer

(313) 972-1919

The ExCITE program assists cancer patients and survivors in developing an individualized exercise program. Studies have shown that exercise in conjunction with cancer treatments improves energy, mood, fitness, strength, and body composition, and reduces side effects associated with treatment. Interested patients and their family members can call to attend a free seminar.


(313) 972-4040

Located in the New Center area of Detroit, FitnessWorks® offers a variety of classes, personal fitness coaches, equipment, and exercise options. HAP members and patients referred by their HFHS physician are eligible for membership discounts. There is also a free, one-week trial membership available.

Henry Ford Macomb Hospital

(586) 263-2410 or (800) 532-2411

Yoga is offered at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital. A variety of educational programs are also available.

Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital

(734) 246-6057

The Wednesday Wellness Program offers free yoga sessions in the Wyandotte community. Classes are open to all adults and are held weekly each month, October through May (no class in December). Call for class location and schedule. Free yoga classes are also offered the 4th Thursday of each month in the Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital Multipurpose Room, from 4 p.m. - 5 .pm. Please call to RSVP.

Human Performance Clinic

(313) 972-1919

Location: Detroit

  • Comprehensive cardiovascular screening and performance evaluation optimized for elite/competitive
    athletes, recreational exercisers, and weekend warriors alike.
  • During the assessment, your maximum aerobic capacity, anaerobic threshold, and body composition
    will be determined.
  • Based on current training habits, training recommendations are provided to achieve performance goals.
  • Risk for cardiovascular disease is also assessed.

PREVENT: Prevention Through Exercise and Education

(313) 972-1919

PREVENT provides education and exercise opportunities for patients interested in a heart-healthy lifestyle. When you join the program you will work with staff to set personal goals. Our staff will track your progress and adjust your exercise plan accordingly. PREVENT is appropriate for any person wishing to begin exercise. PREVENT is especially designed for people with chronic diseases that benefit from exercise, such as heart disease, cancer, peripheral artery disease (PAD), diabetes and high blood pressure.

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