Redesigning Clinical Care


The Henry Ford Medical Group has long been a leader in practice redesign, searching for ways to make our clinical care safer and easier for our patients:

  • Electronic medical record: The Medical Group was one of the first groups in the country to document patient visits directly from their desktop computer via an electronic medical record. The system, known as CarePlus, offers more efficient access to patient information than the traditional paper medical record. CarePlus improves continuity of care by compiling all medical records, imaging studies, laboratory results, and consultations in one system, accessible anywhere the patient seeks care within Henry Ford Health System.
  • Electronic imaging: Packaged within CarePlus is ePACS (Electronic Picture Archiving and Communication System), which provides physicians instant access to all radiology studies throughout the health system. The digital images are shown in real time and multiple images can be viewed simultaneously. ePACS has cut image processing and report time in half, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • E-prescribing: The Medical Group is the first in southeastern Michigan to use e-Prescribing, a system that allows physicians to write prescriptions from a personal computer or wireless device and send them directly to pharmacies. E-Prescribing reduces harmful drug interactions by alerting physicians of possible risks, increases generic utilization rates and eliminates illegible hand-written prescriptions that can lead to medication errors. The Henry Ford Medical Group’s success in perfecting e-prescribing has become so widely accepted that it will likely be mandated by Medicare. The Henry Ford Health System received a recent national award in Washington, DC in recognition of this accomplishment.
  • Patient web portal: Our implementation of the web portal for patient communication is one of the largest in the country. More than 200,000 patients are enrolled and use the patient portal to communicate with their physicians.
  • Generic drug use: Our generic drug use rate is benchmark for the country among group practices.