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Henry Ford Transplant Institute

When you need a transplant, you want the best possible care at a medical center that has experienced staff, the latest treatment options and excellent survival rates. At the Henry Ford Transplant Institute, you’ll find a team dedicated to comprehensive care that offers our patients a second chance at life.

Henry Ford: national transplant leaders

Our world-class transplant specialists provide exceptional support and coordinated care before, during and after your transplant procedure. Through research and innovation, we’re constantly working to improve treatment options for our transplant patients.

Each year, our exceptionally skilled transplant teams save and transform hundreds of lives. We are proud to offer:

  • Expertise: We handle some of the most complex cases in the United States. Through our experience, we can help many patients who have been turned away by other centers because of advanced disease or age, body size or prior medical treatments.
  • Most comprehensive organ transplant program in Michigan: The Henry Ford Transplant Institute offers transplantation of the liver, kidney, pancreas, intestine and multivisceral organs, heart, lung and bone marrow stem cell.

  • Highlights of our transplant programs include:

    • Living donations for kidney and liver
    • Michigan’s first robot-assisted kidney transplant
    • Michigan’s first liver-lung and liver-heart transplants
    • Single- and double-lung transplants
    • Michigan’s largest stem cell program and the first in the state performing dual-cord and peripheral stem cell transplants
    • Simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplants for patients with diabetes
  • Proven history of excellence: Since the 1960s, our experts at the Henry Ford Transplant Institute have achieved many transplant firsts. We were the first in Detroit to perform individual transplants of the heart, intestine, kidney, liver and lung. Our one-year and three-year patient survival rates following transplantation meet or exceed expected outcomes. Read about our transplant recognitions and achievements.
  • Support for patients and their families: A nurse coordinator guides you and your family through the entire transplant process. Our caring staff at Guest Services assists with travel arrangements, accommodations, parking and more. We offer translation services and additional support for patients of all cultures, religions and ethnicities. Learn more about our resources and our Transplant Living Community, which connects you with others who have undergone the process.
  • Convenience: Our outpatient organ transplant clinics across Michigan make it easy for you to receive care before and after your transplant. Our FAST Track program for many organs provides a faster evaluation process so that you can secure your place on the wait list sooner.
  • Pediatric transplants: Our doctors work with pediatric specialists at Children’s Hospital of Michigan to provide seamless care for children who need heart, liver and kidney transplants. These patients continue their transplant care at Henry Ford when they reach adulthood.

Advanced surgeries and facilities

At the Transplant Institute, our expert surgeons continue to find new, safer surgical techniques for transplant recipients and living donors.

Some of our innovations include:

  • A transplant immunology lab with the most advanced equipment for accurate compatibility testing for successful transplants
  • A designated transplant recovery unit featuring comfortable, private rooms, advanced technology and dedicated transplant medicine nurses
  • Minimally invasive approaches including robotic-assisted surgery for kidney recipients—the first and only transplant center in Michigan to use this technology

Transplant clinical trials and research

As a leading medical research center for organ and bone marrow stem cell transplants, the Transplant Institute offers access to advanced clinical trials in every type of transplant program. As a Henry Ford patient, you may be eligible to participate in these studies, which offer the latest medications that can help:

  • Delay a patient’s need for a transplant
  • Reduce infection and the risk of organ rejection after transplantation

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